20 golden rules that sooner or later you recognize the wise

Fingering their records. I stumbled on a notepad, where in different periods of his life wrote down the rules for life.
Since then passed a couple of years, World Vision has changed in many ways. But the 20 golden rules remain relevant today. And will remain so for life. And even now they are you may seem ridiculous. Since you acknowledge their wisdom.

1. If something angers - Wait, switch to another wave. Do not say anything rashly, then it will be a shame.

2. Cursing - bad form. Filters Bazaar.

3. Excessive talk about work - boring. Learn to leave the subject outside of the office. And it is not transferred to a private life.

4. Stop compel!

5. The one who always complains and whines - bummer. We share the only positive. Either shut up. But merging all the negative environment in the ears - dishonest

. 6. to restrict gatherings and communication on the Internet. Make time for real people. Or just read the book.

7. Do not ask, do not apologize or make excuses. In this world, no one owes nothing to.

8. deleted from the list of people who are trying to use you.

9. Always, even in seemingly hopeless situations, believe in the good. Do not become discouraged.

10. Look at any situation wider. Be objective.

11. Do not try to convert people under him. It breaks them. Or accept as is. Or go away.

12. Rejoice each day!

13. Criticizing - Praise

. 14. Look fear in the eye. Strong one who has nothing to fear. Go boldly.

15. If a person is consistently negative in you - to exclude it from the circle. But do not curse and do not go negative in his address. He will return on your own head.

16. When you're sad - sad, crying. But do not delay the event.

17. Life is always corresponds to your views about it. Live and feel the happiness!

18. Love yourself, then people and they will love you.

19. refuse. It helps to save your time. Trying to please all lose yourself.

20. Do not keep evil. And help worthy. Still good - the best in the philosophy of life.

Author: Tatiana shrew


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