How to turn an old shirt in a charming summer dresses for girls


Even the little girls love new clothes. Then, they are girls. If you attach a little effort, you spend a lot of money to upgrade the little princess's wardrobe does not have to.

Site took different master classes that will teach to convert the old pope shirts in charming dresses.

Even the most capricious fashionista of them will be delighted. And the pope space will be in the closet.

What do I need to rework ed733454f4.jpg

Daddy's shirt
< br> baby dress for the template


the matching colored thread

chalk or pencil

sewing machine

an hour

few steps to the magical transformation ea7eea4b52.jpg

All shirts are transformed into cute little dresses for the same scheme:

Put on a dress shirt and a daughter draw out his pencil or chalk.

Cut the contour of the pattern of the future masterpiece home studio.

Sew the side, the shoulder portion and the sleeve.

Handle allowances, cuffs, neck, collar and hem.

If you wish to decorate the dress with embroidery, sequins, iron-on transfers, belt.

leisurely summer walks bf5e3b2c67.jpg

Here you can learn how to turn an old shirt in a charming dress with sleeves-wings.

In studies on holiday 1c8efd0dd0.jpg

Even girls in the classroom can be ornate. Convenience and non-marking - that the criteria for selecting dresses for creativity and learning. Excellent choice in this manual.

For games with friends 2beeca5a11.jpg

Fine linen and soft rezinochki make this dress perfect for gaming and joyful moments. Peep great idea can then

Home -. Comfort and beauty aa8b175afe.jpg

This comfortable and elegant dress can make your own from an old shirt. The details in this manual.

Especially for a picnic 69610a0064.jpg

Comfortable dress with original bow will make the girl a real princess. Details transfiguration shirts look here.

Charming lady d3fb068243.jpg

It is not difficult to make a gentle and elegant dress for girls. Then you can go to the theater, the zoo or to visit friends. More details in the master class.

Little Miss Elegance e1ff62053e.jpg

This dress looks more elegantly by the presence of a bright girdle. Sew it can any mother who is able to use a sewing machine.

To the beach and sea 4ade10a565.jpg

How to make an easy and beautiful sundress to relax, you can read here.

Smart collar cf1369a5a7.jpg

Here is a nice and original dress will happen if sew it on this scheme.

Two shirts for one dress 45bf0ed8cb.jpg

Two shirts of different colors can be the basis for children's dresses. Sew it is not so easy, but the process is described in detail in the instructions.

Simple and tasteful c5e1bab5ab.jpg

If the house is large size shirt, then it will turn the holiday dress with a fluffy skirt. For details, see here.

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