The researchers found that people with a complex character smarter


Scientists at the University of New South Wales in Sydney conducted a study which showed that negative thinking often helps people to talk more sober because less trusting and more diligence.

Joe Forgas, lead author of the study, said that people with a complex character and a bad mood have better analytical skills for decision-making. During the experiment, scientists have demonstrated the group of volunteers on different mood of the film, and then discussed the positive and negative events in their lives. All this was done in order to change the mood of the subjects on the good or bad.

Then they read out various true and fictional city events with eyewitnesses, asked to analyze the history and to guess whether it is truth or fiction. The results showed that people with a negative state of mind made far fewer mistakes and generally reasoned more logically.

The researchers concluded that if the positive mood promotes creativity, the negative way of thinking makes a person more attentive, careful and prone to more sober reasoning.

This experiment is not proof that the bad character - it's good. He simply shows that people with a complex character, or negative thinking also has its advantages, as well as people with a positive mindset.

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