10 things that people with character always say "no"

Such people can not be imposed its mnenie

Man "with the character" called strong-willed, strong personality, is endowed with a number of unique qualities. Such people can not be imposed their views, since they have their own. And these ten things their response will always be 'No! »

Search opravdaniyaU man who is confident and not afraid of condemnation of others, nor recognition of their own mistakes, there are no stupid excuses. If he was late, I missed something, screwed up at work or forgot a birthday best friend, he is willing to admit his mistake, apologize for it and fully take the blame. No "tighten" or "dog ate" it did not happen, and the sooner it is understood, the better he lives afterwards.

Avoid strashnogoNadoevshaya phrase "Every day I try to do what you are afraid," flashed here and there useless public servers, is popular with an ulterior motive: strong man does not avoid the fact that to do terrible, but necessary. This applies to trips to the dentist, declarations of love, or vice versa, that it was over, making important decisions, and the ability not to be led by public opinion. In other words, the strong man scared just like everyone else, but he is able to overcome any obstacle, even if the heart goes to the heel at the thought.

Hold off on potomNezavisimy person is able to withstand not only to other people and circumstances, but first of all to himself. He knows that procrastination is appropriate and when it is necessary to take himself in hand and without too much whining and suffering do what you need to do right now. It helps him to avoid suddenly crept deadlines, disruption of projects failing grades in their studies and everyday conflicts with loved ones. It's a great way to free up your time for great things and save the nerves.

ZhalovatsyaVot really really useless and exhausting task. Blame is known to all: the neighbor who listens to Russian rap at night, a government that does not increase the pension hooligans who are twisting bulb in the entrance, a wife who nags and does not quietly watch TV.

A truly strong man is responsible for his own life. He understands that a reality is no different for gifts in excess of generosity and that the problem - it's part of life. Some of them can be addressed (for example, to get away from an unloved man, and if it is absolutely wrong, move to another country) and to oppose or ignore them something different (to raise their children so that they are never twisted light bulbs). The strong man is no one to complain to.

Stuck in a zone komfortaSila those people who manage more and who live that life that others only dream of, that they are adequately assess the situation. They understand that there is nothing surprising will happen if you sit in the room, wrapped a blanket and pouring a ton of useless information from the global network. These people collect backpacks with the minimum necessary to seek a meeting with investors and write scripts. They are aware that on the border with the neighboring region can not reach, the investor may fail, and the script will not be accepted. That low chances of success do real life uncomfortable, and the strong man knows the law. And he knows that the odds tend to zero, while it under the rug.

Condemn drugihSlabye and insecure people often have one common characteristic: all except them, living the wrong life. Gay Americans hippie neighbors and Gopnik from the city suburbs. For the strong people, there is one common truth: everyone has the right to go through life in a way that he chooses. They do not oppose themselves "servants of the social networks 'and' underdeveloped colleagues" because they know that people are different and that the negative character traits necessary to look first of all in itself.

Compare yourself with drugimiNi one person feels responsible for yourself and your life will not drive themselves into a corner by comparison with those who are successful, beautiful, intelligent, or just luckier. They understand that every person is valuable in itself and is a unique set of characteristics. They do not need to convince themselves in their own exceptionalism and seek ways to be higher-stronger-faster than any other, they have no reason to be jealous, but there are reasons to admire, and admiration - the only motivator to do better himself. The strong man recognizes and respects the diversity of the human world and it does not hurt and is not afraid to recognize the superiority of the other.

Search odobreniyaU man, strong spirit, there is no need to justify public expectations. He remained open to criticism, is not seeking to please everyone and make him all jealous. He realizes that someone else's opinion does not make him happy or unhappy, and his work - useful and successful. The purpose of his life and work can be what you want, but not to its stroked on the head.

Engage unpleasant veschamiPravilo that saved more than one person from being able to live a stupid and unhappy life: you can not do what you disgusted. A man of character will not take the responsible position of leadership if by nature he is "free bird", working in government, if the number of documents in his bad mood, ride a bike, if he likes videos, and listen to rock music when he like "Hands Up". He will never impose rollers and Roma Zhukov someone else, but he would not allow to impose and to himself. Strong man gives realize that life is much shorter than we usually think, and it is not permissible to spend on things that do not bring pleasure.

In addition, it is proved that to become successful in what you do not like, it is practically impossible, but if you still succeeded, you should ask yourself, what is the success that put lives on the altar of god completely unloved.

UnizhatLyudi with the character not only humiliate the other how much in vain, but do not allow themselves to torture his own soul. They realize that they themselves, and other people are not ideal, and it is not a pleasure to point to the shortcomings of others and blame themselves for mistakes over the years. But certainly a strong people are pleased to give others confidence in themselves, support them and indicate their uniqueness and value.

No wonder Mark Twain said that a truly great man makes everyone feel great about himself. And it really inspires.

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