Do not think about the poor - sick

In the East they say: "The worst enemy of man would not have wished him the troubles that can bring him to his own thoughts┬╗

. One of the most famous healers of antiquity Avicenna said: "The doctor has three tools in the fight against the disease - the word, plant a knife┬╗

. Please note - the word in the first place


In one of the hospitals of Paris a young psychologist Emily Kyi at your own risk, referring to the chief doctor, obliged their patients three times a day out loud or mentally repeat 10 times the phrase "Every day I feel better and better." Moreover, it is not mechanically repeat, but on the bright possibilities.

And what do you think? A month later the patients of this doctor have become a major source of conversation medical staff of the hospital, and then the whole of France.

Strange but true: seriously ill patients recovered within a month, in some patients, even disappeared the need for surgery

. That is confirmed by the great scientist of antiquity guess Paracelsus, who claimed that faith works wonders.

Our health - a direct consequence of human thinking

. No one questioned that there is a direct link between mental and physical health of people.

"The best defense against all diseases, from any infection - this firm belief in their own health and positive emotions, - says psychotherapist with more than twenty years of experience Andrew Metel'skii. - Negative thoughts destroy. For example, anger cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Resentment over time leads to diseases of the liver, pancreas,

cholecystitis. " One of the most important psychological law states: verbal expression of love, sympathy and admiration enhances the vitality of whom it is addressed. A wicked and unkind words reduce energy listener.

The total number of diseases associated with bad thoughts, continues to grow steadily.

To resist them, we must follow the advice of the ancient sages - to enjoy life, no matter how difficult it may be

! So, health, life and destiny of man is directly dependent on his thoughts.

Think about the good - expect a good

. Think about the poor - and the poor get. That is what we are constantly thinking, it develops into a belief that it should or could happen. And this belief creates an event ...

That is why we start to think only about the good, hope only for the best of today.

And, never worry about nothing!

Take into service two golden rules of American cardiologist Robert Elliott, a recognized expert in the prevention of heart attacks and heart failure.

Rule one: Do not worry about nothing

. Rule two: all nonsense

. Cheers!

Author: Vladimir Okrut


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