Idiots among us

They are - in our midst.
One day I was walking along the beach with friends and suddenly someone said, look, the dead bird! One type looked at the sky and asked: where?

They are - in our midst.
My cousin bought a special tool to cut the seat belt, if the car gets into an accident and a belt jam. She is holding this device in the trunk of the car.

They are - in our midst.
I could not get my luggage at the airport and went to the lost luggage department. Employees who worked there, smiled at me and told me not to worry - it has a great experience and the problem will be solved quickly. To begin with, tell me, - said employee - your plane has landed?

They are - in our midst.
When I was working in a pizzeria, then once I saw one Signora, who came to order a pizza. Cook asked him how to cut pizza: 4 or 6 pieces.
Signor thought and said cut it into 4 pieces, I'm not that hungry to eat 6 pieces.

They are - in our midst.
At a scientific conference should serve a famous psychiatrist.
There was present the vice-governor of the region. She decided to ask the doctor a question.
- Tell me, Doctor, - start a lady - is there an easy way to distinguish between a normal person by an idiot?
- There is nothing easier - the psychiatrist said. - It is necessary to ask the man a simple question. If he finds it difficult to answer it, the situation is clear.
- What question?
- Well, for example, is. Captain Cook made three trips around the world, and during one of them died. During what is it?
- Oh, doctor, you could not ask any other question? I'm not very strong in history, - the vice-governor's embarrassed.

They are - in our midst.
One man bought a new refrigerator and put the old gate with the inscription at home: if you need a fridge - take it yourself for free. Three days refrigerator stood at the gate. On the fourth day a person is tired, and he changed the sign on the refrigerator. At this time he wrote: refrigerator sold, the price of 50 euros. The next morning at the gate of the refrigerator was not.


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