12 chips that will help look in black royalty

Stylish and elegant black — always in fashion and the topic. How many would not have announced the "new black beige, gray or white, to black, we return again and again.

But wearing it should be able to: the color of this is not easy. We in the Website have collected some rules that will allow you to look in the black at 100.

Bright accents and accessories Bright accessories leave a lot of room for creativity and doing your black or black-and-white outfit unforgettable. On a monochrome background will look good a bright clutch bag in delicate shades, hat or shoes rich colors.

Wear slightly loose things Black is slimming, and it's not a myth. But if in the pursuit of slimness to wear things tight, he ruthlessly accentuate all the bulges and folds. Black dress pants and a jacket look more chic if you sit a bit loose.

Play with the texture looks Incredibly cool if you can pick things with different textures. It can be cotton pants and silk blouse. Or a leather pencil skirt, satin top and a sweater of a good wool. Outfit total black is a great addition to the black patent leather handbag or shoes.

Monochrome — chic and time-tested option Is one great way to dress to attract views and to wrestle with the color combinations is black and white. If your wardrobe is well-fitting items from quality fabrics — you are the Queen.

Graphic silhouette and asymmetry Black is the best color to create a fashionable asymmetric or sharp geometric silhouette.

Black demands perfection, And this is perhaps the most important rule. Black color will emphasize bad hair day, no makeup, pale face, lack of sleep. If, for example, jumped a pimple or once you wash your hair, it is better to choose a different color, otherwise the whole day will feel at ease.

Accent the eyes with a Black colour can add you age, if you are not wearing makeup. Therefore, makeup must, at least slightly. In makeup it is important to highlight the eye, but red lipstick is optional-in combination with black can be quite banal "vamp". It is better to choose something neutral. Red lips only valid if you do go.

Highlight the face of the color that you most is most black fit girls with the color type "Winter" (light skin and dark hair). But when black people wear a "warm" skin ("Autumn" or "Spring" — they are distinguished by a reddish shade of hair, moles and freckles on the skin, their face looks pale and a little tired. To avoid this effect, wearing "your" color is closer to the face, blouse, scarf, necklace or brooch.

Boldly combine black with other colors, Forget Mama's advice about what black should only be worn with white and red. To black are all colours without exception: purple, gray, blue, green, and how many more are there in the spectrum.

The cutout on the back Why on the back? Don't ask me. It's just incredibly beautiful, and the best way to show the beautiful back, probably not.

Augment the image with the right accessories, the Nobility and depth of black very stress the belts and bags made of quality leather, metal studs, jewelry made of colored stones, gold or just costume jewelry from the yellow metal.

Lace In its effect on the imagination of black lace can not be compared with any other color. It will help to create a gentle, but at the same time (not to peresushit slightly Gothic way. Especially nice thin black lace looks combined with high quality leather or knit.

Well, just like black, as do the Italians

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