Things that you do not realize until you're banging 30

In my opinion, 30 years old - the right age. You've already experienced enough, and smart enough, but you are still physically strong enough to implement everything desires in life. And that's what you'll see, but not before you knock 30 years.

Your parents know what they say.

When I was a teenager, and when I was almost 20, I was sure that my parents will never know what they say. I am still confident of this, when it comes to contemporary music and mobile technology, but once hated the phrase "you will understand when grow up" finally made sense.

In adolescence, the phrase "be yourself" was like a horrible advice for those wishing to explore. Now this - the only advice which is worth considering. At the Institute, when it was the beer that you want to buy, the phrase "start saving" seemed pointless. I now agree to a smaller number of more than cheap beer, or even can give it up in exchange for a few "extra" hundreds every month.

Unfortunately, in life there are some things that you can understand only through your own experience. It seems a bitter pill to swallow when you're still a teenager, but it all becomes bitter and harsh truth when you are peddling their fourth decade.

There is no such thing as an "adult".

When you pick up imperceptibly to 30, you will find that almost all of your friends, or are married. When you will be over 30, they already have children. These people are now responsible for the children, but do you remember how pissed together for garages, participated in mass drinking parties, and in the morning you were so bad and so good at the same time that you repeat this experience from time to time.

No, if you are thirty, it does not mean that everything will change dramatically. Meetings and booze still will, from time to time, but it is necessary to accept the fact there is no age at which a sudden switch pereschёlkivatsya to mark an "adult". As you will always live child.

People who think that fun ends after graduation, it is absolutely wrong.

I do not remember how many times I've heard that the "institution - the best years of our lives."

This is - nonsense. The institute was fun, but it was complete chaos. I still remained a carefree teenager. I was unsure of myself, I was often awkward and eventually took an insane amount of failed solutions. When I was close to 30, though life was difficult in many ways, often I had more fun and satisfying than in the years of training.

Nostalgia is fine, but only as long as it does not prevent you from enjoying your life here and now. In 20 it was cool, but still the best I've just ahead.

"Sell" not as bad as you think.

As a writer in our time is very easy to become a copywriter, lose their style, their view of the world. Everything they say about the "better paid" corporate work and it all comes down to the fact that we must be able to sell their talents.

At 30, most of us are still struggling with persistently "prodazhnichestvom". But now I know how much my work and what really are these or other services. I do not blame my friends, who have become hostages of the companies to support their families. I still do not want to sell their integrity, but I understand the temptation, and I am no longer so superficial attitude towards people who are susceptible to it. It is easy to be poor idealist when you are 20. It is much harder to stay that way when you have a family.

You will never understand absolutely everything, you will never experience everything.

In its 20-plus, I tried to experience everything. I tried the new products, which today probably could lead to food poisoning. I have changed mobile phones. I tried a new beer, even when he knew that it was not like I like what I always drink.

I'm glad I did all these things. But now I know the truth, or rather the truth: I will never be able to see everything. just too many things in the world. Just do not have enough time. At 30 there is a need to selectively treat the fact of what you spend your life. Death is still far away, but not so much as when you were 20. And the chance to spend a holiday on the pot as a result of gastronomic experiments you in your 30, much more.

Being a good person - is not a question of your knowledge, it is a question of your wisdom.

His twenties I spent trying to learn everything that seemed interesting. I tried to know himself through books, different experiences, but closer to thirty, I realized that no matter how well-read was not my favorite author, he did not know all that I could contrived about it.

Knowledge, for the most part, represent a brick. Wisdom - house project, which shows you where this or that brick should be placed in order to build a reliable house. A pile of knowledge will never become wise in the home without following the project.

Thirty - this is the age when he begins to manifest humility. Hamlet said it best: "In the heavens and the earth there are more things Horace than dreamed of your philosophy.»

You - your own project. Know your benefits. Know your limitations. Follow the plan. This - the main lesson that we must learn to 30 years.

Author: Alexander Zhvakin


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