He lost and was ready to surrender ... But one strange event has changed everything!

Site is divided into cool story that supply our forces sometimes unknown even to ourselves, and everything you need for success - it's self-confidence and success.

Yurface.ruOdin businessman mired in debt, and could not think of any way out. Lenders put pressure on him. Suppliers demanded payment. He was sitting on a park bench with his head in his hands, and thought that could save the company from bankruptcy.

< Suddenly appeared before him an old man.

- I see that you are worried - he said

. After listening to the problems of a businessman, the old man asked the man's name, and then wrote a check and handed it to him with the words:

- Take the money. Meet me here exactly one year later, and then you return them to me.

And then he turned around and left as quickly as it had appeared.

Businessman looked at the receipt and saw that he was discharged in the amount of $ 500 000 by the John D. Rockefeller - one of the richest people in the world

! - This money can solve all my problems in an instant! - He understood. But instead of immediately cash the check, he decided to put it in the safe. Just the thought of the existence of this money gave him the strength and energy on something to save his business.

With renewed vigor and great optimism, he successfully negotiated, a better deal and achieving a change in payment terms. He made some big sales. For a couple of months he has paid all debts, and his business has become profitable again.

Exactly one year later a businessman with not cashed the check back to the park. At the agreed time the old man came. And only a businessman going to pay the check and tell us about your success as a nurse ran to the old man.

- I'm so glad I found it! - she exclaimed. - I hope it does not bother you? < He constantly runs away from home and telling people that he - John D. Rockefeller

. And she stole the old man, holding his hand.

The businessman was shocked. A year later he bought and sold, thinking that he has half a million dollars in reserve. Suddenly he realized that not money, real or imagined, changed his life. Only newfound confidence helped him to achieve the desired.

More often than not we do stop on your way to the goal. In bad times, when we feel that we are losing, we tend to only see their flaws and forget about the merits. < But the self-confidence and a positive attitude can make all the difference!

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