9 actors react to paparazzi as gods. They should not be surprised!

In the acting profession a lot of costs, and one of the most important is that you're always in sight. You are pursuing photographers during the day and at night. And, when not intended worse. But if the career is going well, it is very often the paparazzi take out to the premises. And appear on the Internet pictures of actors, tails between their legs and natyanuvshih hood to toe. < Website publishes a selection of photographs of actors who chose to go the other way.

Ryan Gosling Ryan dined at the restaurant when he noticed the photographer in an ambush.

Photo source:. Ivi.ruMark Mark Hamill on the positive and enjoys the attention

Gerard Butler Gerard challenged paparazzi fotoperestrelke. Sorry, I did not put in the network, which frames have turned him.

Grant Gustin Recognized Flash today, seeing the paparazzi, he immediately takes the opportunity to make a funny and cool pictures.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Andrew and Emma pursuers used for their own purposes: "We have just discovered that the outside of the restaurant where we dine, sit paparazzi. So ... Why not take advantage of this opportunity and do not draw attention to organizations that need it and deserve it: www.wwo.org, www.gildasclubnyc.org. Good day to you! ยป

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Lazing on the beach in Malibu, Jim noticed that their friend to track down and decided to throw his luck in their hard everyday life.

Hoffman Dustin Hoffman plays hide and seek with the paparazzi . It's so cute.

British TV presenter Simon Cowell having fun posing Wildlife Photography.

Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf makes his life and performance attracted to the process of their friends.

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