The stunned 15 facts about the eyes, which you've never heard

Site assembled a small collection of very interesting short facts about the eyes, which you are very surprised. Brown eyes really blue under a brown pigment. There is even a laser procedure that allows you to turn brown eyes blue forever. Each 12-th representative male - colorblind. < Your eyes will always remain the same size as the birth and the ears and the nose does not cease to grow The human eye is capable of perceiving only three spectral region:. Red, blue and green. Other colors are a combination of these colors. The cornea is the eye of man so much like a shark cornea that the latter is used as a substitute for the operations in the eyes. In an average lifetime, we see about 24 million different images. Eyes are transmitted to the huge amount of information the brain every hour. The capacity of this channel is comparable to TV Internet providers large city. < Our eyes are focused about 50 things in the second. Maya believed strabismus attractive and tried to make sure that their children were cross-eyed. Schizophrenia can be determined with an accuracy of 98% using 3 normal eye movement test. People and dogs - the ones who are looking for visual clues in the eyes of others, and the dogs do it just communicating with people. Approximately 2% of people have a rare genetic mutation, due to which they have been more retinal cones. This allows them to see 100 million colors. Ordinary people distinguish around a million colors. The astronauts can not cry in space due to gravity. Tears gather in small balls and start to pinch the eye. < Bees have hairs in his eyes. They help to determine the wind direction and flight speed Approximately 65-85% of white cats with blue eyes -. Deaf.



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