Disfigured or made beautiful?

Text is not mine, it is a review of one of these, the "elf" Girls: "In general, I brought it hard today to the first channel, the transmission of Fashion Verdict (like the name). Bueeee
Judged girl-elf, which led to his mother.
Here's what just thought, if I ever thread tell my child that he is ugly / A N I know what he needs to dress up, kick me carefully, please.
The phrase mother once worked on a girl stylists, killed me:
"I never thought that my daughter is so beautiful».
Fucked up, what an idiot.
The girl - a regular roleplayers. Dress appropriately, spends dibs on elven cloaks - well, nothing special. We are similarly act (Yeah, spend ogromennye dibs on the German wool for suits).
As a result, the standard of the girls did a refining glamorous girlie. I'm in shock. As can be beautiful of interesting unusual person to do that ... I'm not that ugly new image, or something like that, but why, why create a crowd.
The phrase Arina Sharapova that it is not necessary to wear bright children to school, it would be bad there, I was amazed. Let's all clothe in gray, so no one stood out. Children always find what pognobit classmate, is not necessary due to the pressure of the individual.
Another position infuriates parents (quite common, by the way) - all of that I do not understand, a priori bad sect, abnormal mental illness continue on the rise. Total humiliation in this case may lead to large complexes and brokenness of life. »

And what do you think? For me - so it has become much more pleasant, though her previous image does not cause me any aversions.


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