The story of her husband and daughter, who have decided to make a surprise Mom

One night the woman went to the parents' meeting, and her husband and her daughter decided to seize the moment and make the mom surprise - the general cleaning in the kitchen. They spread all the products in the places rubbed tables, cabinets and shelves, cleaned the stove, washed the dishes were placed and beautifully ... And when the kitchen "flashed", began to wait, when my mother returned from the meeting.

Mom came in half an hour. She took off her coat and hung it in the closet, went to the kitchen, drank water, and then fell in the living room on the couch and started watching TV. My husband and daughter went into the room and stood beside her. The woman felt over their eyes and asked:

- What

- Kitchen, - said the husband

. - What is the kitchen

- Our. We made it clean. Did not you notice? It is sparkling clean! We made it just for you.

The woman smiled and said:

- Yes, I noticed. Ungrateful is work, is not it?

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