The story of the poor, who went into the temple Rich

One Sunday morning, the old man went into the church. Prior to the service remained a matter of minutes. And although his clothes were clean, he wore ripped jeans, shirt and jeans worn cowboy boots. In his hands he held an old hat and the same dog-eared Bible.

This church was in an affluent area of ​​the city. It was the biggest and the most beautiful temple that the old man had ever seen. In the audience he was here very expensive clothes and accessories.

But the old man all parties. No one said hello and spoke to him. They were shocked by the appearance of the men, and they did not even try to hide it.

After the service, the priest approached him and asked for a favor:

- Before you come here again, could you turn to God and ask him what kind of clothes you need to wear to worship

? The old man nodded silently. On the following Sunday he came again into the temple at the same ripped jeans, shirt and boots.

He was again avoided and ignored. The priest again approached him and said:

- I asked you to turn to God, before coming back to our church

. - I did it, - said the old man

. - And what do you think God thinks that this outfit has to be in glorifying it here

? - Well, Father, God told me that he had no idea what I want to wear, because he had never been here before

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