Resentment - a direct path to a peptic ulcer

According to the findings of the World Health Organization, about 80% of diseases are psychosomatic, that is caused by incorrect, destructive attitude to life.

In recent years there have been a lot of literature on this topic. But, unfortunately, the problem is often unduly simplifies problems with the ovaries? Insults men. Aching Heart - not enough love. Etc. It is not that simple. It is not always the result of a disease can be considered.

Psychosomatics. Resentment - the cause of ulcers

Experts say that psychosomatic symptoms can be divided into 3 groups:

a symptom of the tension;
symptom as a message;
-simptom metaphor.

Symptom as stress

This symptom often causes headaches and heart disease, and is peculiar to the people inclined to restrain their emotions. Anger, strong resentment, anger - all these emotions can not be "buried" in the body. Since they arise, you need to enable them to boil over.

This does not mean that at the first sign of irritation need to take it out on the shrill cry or get into a fight. There are other, more civilized ways to dissolution of negative emotions, the surest and most common of which - the tears. Such "expensive" smart woman running from a heart attack, leaving behind such strong, such moderate men, who said that you can not cry in the early childhood.

Tears - "fast women help" your body in an emergency. Do not limit yourself if tears stifled: blubbered face much better disfigured by pain from a heart attack. A sweet buy a punching bag, give him the opportunity to vykrichatsya at football matches, and even a TV screen. Aggression must leave the body!

But sometimes the cause of the disease are so implicit reason that they are very difficult to realize on their own. This can be a problem in the relationship with her mother - if for years you wilds, to a sense of aggression toward her

. The reason for your aggression may be the most banal and widespread causes: for example, a rigid upbringing in adolescence, many prohibitions, which caused anger in the soul of the child, not finding exit (not the same fight with their parents!)

. Years nevyplesnuvshiysya "strained" can overtake the adult person has severe migraines, problems with the cardiovascular system. Medication relieve a symptom, not more. The reason (the root of the disease) must be sought in psychology. How? You can try to work with it on their own, to do, such as meditation or spontaneous dancing. You can seek the assistance of Gestalt therapy, try symbol-drama, etc.

The symptom as a message. Unmet needs

Skin manifestations of allergy, children enuresis, and even overtake oncology often people are not willing to take life as it is. The world is not fair? You feel their incompatibility with him? And suffers from a lack of love and attention?

Caution! Scientists believe that 90% of the immune forces of the body is spent on the fight against cancer cells. While life brings you joy - the body cope with the task. Once denial of the world becomes your habitual state - you truly "cross out»

. Indeed, if two things are incompatible - someone has to go. Do not remove from the world the same person! Every day is fun - this is one of the fundamental principles of health

! The symptom as a metaphor

The reason for the sharp deterioration of vision can be your categorical unwillingness to see someone from relatives. I think it may be wise to take a decision until the organism has ordered in its own way?

Back pain, skalioz peculiar to those who are responsible for all. Crippling psychological burden in the body responds very real physical pain, the body cries out that all by yourself not drag asks relax.

Peptic ulcer overtake people prone to deep, unforgiving resentment. The extreme manifestations of this character traits are often a tendency to evil jokes, sarcasm, gloating. Ulcers such people are beginning to scar when they start work on their grievances, let them. Or, at least, aware that a character trait.

Author: Larisa Kovaltsova


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