Scientifically proven: It should look like the ideal female body

Her name is Kelly Brook. There is no doubt a beautiful woman, an actress and model, but its appearance does not fit into the strict "standards of beauty" that we used to see on the covers of fashion magazines. Yet it is called a woman with the perfect body in the world ... at least from a scientific point of view!
Debate on the subject of the ideal female body was a lot, and to stop all the controversy, scientists at the University of Texas decided to conduct a scientific study. In the role of the experimental mice was attended by many women, but the ideal figure of Kelly Brook has been called.

Her height - 1 m 68 cm, the basic parameters: the volume of the breast - 99 cm, waist - 69 cm, hips - 92 cm It is the fifth size bras and shoes fortieth

.. It appears, figure that most women are seen as "necessary to slightly lose weight" is actually the closest to the ideal of harmonious.

up to the roundness of the hips, legs, length, shape of the nose and hair

- In a study of all the possible criteria and measurements have been taken into account. And most importantly - her beauty is totally from nature! No silicone, of extension hair, plastic surgery, etc.

Kelly Brook is not too concerned about the harmony and rarely visits the gym. And he explains: "Women in the 50s looked much more beautiful than many models today. I dream to be like them. »

Scientists say: "This woman is perfect." Do you agree with them?

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