Here is the perfect female body from the point of view of science!

Stereotypes regarding female beauty are becoming more flexible. Before people seem to finally realize that real life and the cover of a glossy magazine - very different things. These photo - Kelly Brook. It is a model and actress who broke the whole paradigm once someone established standards of beauty. From a scientific point of view, the ideal female body should look exactly as she!
Relevant research carried out by scientists from the University of Texas. They wanted to find the "perfect body", a new and appropriate time standard of beauty. To do this, the researchers first interviewed thousands of men in an attempt to find out what those like priests, chest, legs, length, width, waist and so on. D. Then the perfect body constructed from the data. And what do you think?
It is best embodies the ideal of the modern woman parameters model Kelly Brook. She was 34 years old, her height - 168 cm, and its form have a size 99-63-91. And of course, it does not do any plastic surgery.

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