Julie Miller: "When the package arrived with latex foam, I hugged her with tears in his eyes, and so sat"

< Anatoly Golubovskii

Everything happened quickly and easily. Julie saw a post asking for support. Voted. Invited to meet. The next day did the interview. On the sheet, because I did not know about her almost nothing. It's hard not to fall in love - single-minded, sincere, contact the girl. Before stunned modest.

When finished the interview - the voting results are known

You're born in Germany, but the memories of her -. Zero

? -Zero. I would like them to be, but ...
Only the name and country of birth in the passport I'm reminded of Germany))

-When went to study theater arts in Simferopol - it was your decision or parents pushed

? -I Childhood was closed, although all the surrounding loved-adored. But here was a modest

-stop. Modest or closed? These are different things

Softly and unsociable. And I wanted to go to the Temp-studio to remove the complexes. I have there five years. I really liked it after school once ran in teatr.Tam I had another life)

-Taak. The points. You understand that you have complexes?

Well, in the fifth grade, I hardly realized too that I had some complexes. There was not enough in the life of the new, some other sensations.

-Naprimer, attention, boys?)

-In The fifth grade ??

-A what? All this happens in different ways))

-Boys Not interested to 9th grade))

Okay. Now, the second - ran into the studio, but not home. House atmosphere was out of order?

-At Home has always been good. Just a theater - like another family. There I had a good time, evolved and liberates and still remember what to do with our basement, we do decorations for him, sewed costumes, scenery ... I still remember the smell of the theater ... My favorite scent)

-Naklonnosti to the make-up and make-up were already then?

-Remember When I make up Galya Kravets - our make-up artist, I thought that when I grew up - make-up artist will also

-Sbila you from the path of the righteous))

. Well, was hit too soon my aunt - she was top class hairdresser, I have always admired her, she recently went to Jamal Eurovision. So Aunt - yes, really inspired me. And I thought that I would become a hairdresser. I went to the exhibition, I thought, to buy tools for hairdressing and suddenly accidentally bought a brush

How did it accidentally ??

-In The time, I was still on the cast, brushes needed for a make-up lessons, plus still at school models and we had make-up lessons for themselves. That is, the brush would be useful in any case. But then somehow it turned out that they were used not only for me. Start helping fellow photographers ...

-To receive was directly?

-I Do not know ... I tried. When my aunt went to the shooting, then I spied as makeup artists work, but it is the "right thing" to do - did not know

-A maybe it's for the best
<? br> -Maybe The better. My life as always - first trying to learn something, and then when I realize that knowledge is not enough, begin to study, with the money to take over what I do - a shame, because I do not know - well, I do or not. First - base, professionalism, and then - the money

Yes what a difference -. Well you did or not, if it turned cool

? -What If I used the wrong materials? There's a bunch of whimsical nuances - when at first sight everything seems okay, but really ... Well, it will not go. And yet - think of self stage and sampling is required in order to check - you need this thing or not

-Nuuu, there is still a matter of will and perseverance. Rule ten thousand hours has not been canceled ... So, my aunt has set an example and inspiration. When did this happen?

Anniversary eight back, probably ... Well, how. She has inspired me all my life. Even when we lived in Simferopol, I thought, "Now, she's working with stars» ...

-C any of the stars

? -Oh, Yes ... a lot of all, and not to list!)

< -So, it was in the top hairdressers

-It Is. So it was and remains an example

Kiev -As you come ...

-To Enter the Academy of Arts on acting. This was the purpose of our move to Kiev

-Roditeli moved here in order that you learned?


-Wow! Cool

-Yes. They are my fellows. They threw all that was in Simferopol - business, favorite apartment, Crimea ... favorite. Until now favorite

-Is what happened in the Crimea, can affect your attitude to a place that you love?

Yes, Crimea - this is my territory. And I do not want to think about what is happening there now. Hopefully, someday even get there ...

-For you did not go to those two years? The question of principle?

-For Me it would be morally difficult. I have many friends, and talking about these issues, I do not rest mentally ...

-So, you moved to Kiev. What were your acting success?

-Chestno Speaking, it was difficult to get accustomed to the Academy, the Ukrainian language for a child who has lived 14 years in Simferopol, was tjazhelovatym.

< -English at that time studied?

-No. It was a separate issue - Simferopol in my school English was at a very low level, teachers are constantly changing, and sometimes could not quite nayti.Uzhe now, after all the schools and academies began to study itself. Ready-to-make-up contest - I reviewed a bunch of videos, translated ... and thus began to understand the language

-Umnichka ...

. -Now Raking the case more or less - again zasyadu. Yes, it's been a Ukrainian problem, because on stage, when it is necessary to think about emotions, I thought, how to say the word, to make it sound like you need to - my focus for a long time Crimean corrected. I do not know if it will work, because the most difficult to assess. After studying for three years at the Academy, he tried to enter the Karpenko-Kary University. There were two attempts, and they decided very much. I am very glad that was not received.
Initially disappointed - still a dream. But - if you would do, you would not have to learn the art of makeup deeper


-Alternativnye options were considered to be an actress?

-In The same Academy of Arts, where she studied until 11th grade, received a bachelor's degree. The first half of the year involved actively. And then we went to makeup courses, and there are situations when I ask for leave from rehearsals to work when shooting video, which was important for my career, make-up artist.

-In some productions at the Academy participated?

-At The end of the year we usually showing excerpts from performances, which are rehearsed during the year. But I have so switched to another wave of that thought: "Unlearning, get an education, but go your way." Then I knew what I wanted

-Raz understood -. Why complete their education

? -It Was not hard, and was not much

-Game practice Now you have?

-Sometimes Filming friends)) On the stage - no. On casting call continues and often enough, but I'm so in another area, that do not get to them

-No time?

-Yes. And sometimes desire. I like to watch their work with other storony.No may someday remove the film, who knows ..))

How did the parents react to a change of profession?

-Originally They supported my desire to be aktrisoy.Sobstvenno, moving to Kiev, proof) When I realized that I wanted to be make-up artist, they thought that I normally want to learn something novomu.Nauchus and suffer, they think ..) ) But no, I was fascinated by this seriously, fell in love with his profession, and they love my profession with me)

-How long have you chosen a specialty?

-Family Years ago

-What are some significant events, milestones along the way can be noted?

-Yes. First there was a self-taught and practiced on a girlfriend, photographed, dressed. Then he graduated from the cheapest makeup school in Kiev, took out what I could. The teacher could not believe that I have never before studied. And I just saw how the make-up, something repeated ... After that arrived in S & amp; A Group, where I somehow quickly moved almost immediately began to trust the stars ...


-The First - the girl from "No Angels". It was so terrible) The first person who will represent my makeup. A responsibility. Then - Viktor Loginov, Nadia Dorofeev and others ... Then he offered to make a publication in the journal. And then I realized that I want to develop more quickly. I went to a very strong assistant make-up artist, Svetlana Rymakovoy. (All Ukrainian show business knows the golden pen of this master) .Sveta taught me professionally more than my first school.

-Because it was the practice

-Yes. She instilled in me a taste.

< -Nauchila and imparted flavor. That is, you can catch her motives in your works? As the artists in whose work influenced predecessors?

-May be. I do not know. But what she taught me, I have been using until now and I really like

-I understand that her technique is unique and each of a strong make-up artist can be found at work in principle? If anything, correct, I am not strong

-All Right. If recognizable - it means there is a style - it is a strong makeup. I was lucky to mentor

You know, I think this is reciprocity. From wooden student even supernastavniku hard to make candy. And you - like, plus certain inclinations. But modest ... Stop. Interesting point. Closed-you figured out?

-Yes. It has long been

Are you -Skromnaya?)

Yeah))) But talking about myself - what I am, I find it difficult)

Okay. You seek publicity, fame?

-Difficult question. By the fame in its field - yes. I want to be the best in terms of professionalism. (There are far and aims to work to)

-This is wonderful. But the question was not "if you want to be the best," and "Do you want to go public?" You attracted it?

-K This life I have not prepared

-And how life should prepare for publicity?

-I Do not know) What is happening in Facebook - for me a complete surprise, to say the least. I never thought that I would be so help.

Why? Do not you believe in people?

-Now - Really I believe. But I did not expect, so that the history of makeup touch people.

-But you're not just written "help". You brought your work rather than help. And - anyway, could assess the level of their work. This self-doubt?

-No. I just have always been difficult to objectively evaluate themselves. I still have the feeling that when they write: "You are talented," this is not about me.


-Well, A strange in my body that does not want to accept this information. When I was in 9th grade said, "you're beautiful", I do not believe it - thought that bullied. Not because my parents never did not say, but ... I do not know

You're not you believe parents?

Well, they were not so directly about my beauty I said. And all my life thought that I - clever. Someone beauty. Someone - the mind. A friend I was beautiful)

-Do you had a wild frustration that you - not smart)

? -I Want to be beautiful and smart

-And what's the problem?

-No What))

-Well. Beautiful, smart and talented. Live with it now. Not scary?))

-I Think the main thing all the same that inside. A appearance - as a bonus

Okay. But look: you cool appearance, talent. Probably smart, just of herself say so ...

I do not consider myself smart)) I love smart people, and sometimes I feel ashamed that I do not know much))

-Knowledge - it is not the mind

-Can Do. I am wise, but not smart), but it is fixable)

Okay, back to your specialization. Working with the White Walker - the first in this format for you, or have had experience

? -In The last year, I participated in this competition.

He's annual?

-Yes. I learned about it when I started to engage in self-development in the field of make-up. Looked one American show - contest makeup. I cried the insult that we are not engaged in this one, the industry is not developed, there is no material. Promonitorit and I realized that we had no place to learn the art. I start making itself: in America ordered materials experimented

-How is expensive

? -Highly. I spent two years indulged in everything, but it was a thrill. When the package arrived with latex foam, I hugged her with tears in his eyes, and so sat. Might think I'm crazy, but I was pleased to get a bag of plaster, you buy a dress. I understand that I can draw from this plaster.
Steel watch videos on Utube, translate, I understand that most learn everything will not work. Start looking for schools abroad, he chose the most good, based on the works of students. I realized that for the money - very heavy, you have four years to collect the necessary sum. Especially Maidan crisis. I decided to write to the selected school directly in the mail. Explain that there is no money, the country's situation is wild, but learn to like. Are there any discounts for the occasion for students from Ukraine. I was told that discounts, unfortunately, no. But there is competition - try. I learn to order materials from America. Thank God, helped by friends who have been there and did not have to overpay for superdostavku. Again I experimented, made way for the competition, but did not even make the top twenty, but was confident that everything will turn out. The disappointment was horrible.

-Obyasnili why flown?

-Zadanie Been proposed to modify the image, but I decided to be inspired and to do something completely new. I thought that would be a plus, but it turned out - no. Razocharovnie, tears, depression

-In the booze is gone?

-No Of course))) Can you imagine me in a drinking bout?)) Parents sent unwind-povdohnovlyatsya in Europe, and already during the trip, I knew that I would participate in the next year, get ready and win. Prepare so that really did not work - it was a lot of work, so that Walker made a half weeks. For comparison - last time to train and prepare six months

of-condition were the same -. To copy and modify

? -Yes. And this time, I decided to listen

-In the last year you asked for support?

-No. I did not pass in the twenty and did not participate in the competition. I was, however, noted and wrote, to be sure to participate in the next time. The works were strong, chose, I think worthy. Kindly envied

What it means: kindly envied

? Representable as people will learn and I want the same, and do it ...

You're literally word for word gave way for myself, I put it ... So, again filed an application strong >

- ... And have promised that not so upset for the second time, I will respond to the situation easier, no matter what happens. And if you do not get with the competition again, somehow - I do not know how - I will gather the money and go to study.

-You do not think it played a role even what you took a calm decision: I still do it, no matter what happens? You no longer hate. Just radically revised attitude to the question

-Probably. In fact, this is the third attempt to get a grant from the school. There was also the "average" of which very few people know. There's a simpler competition, a scholarship of $ 10,000. We had to throw a photo model "before" and "after." However, I'm with my level of English thrown photo of their work with different models for the year. But probably for the best. No one won - I hope that this win

-I think - yes.. Working class. After studying plan to stay there? you can not implement the skills acquired at home

-I Think I can, but it will take several years

-Do you want to make a revolution in our film business?))

-Of course! It is necessary to do)) I hope to share knowledge with those who are eager to get them as ya.I together to do so, make-up artists to perform the most complex and interesting tasks.

< Yes I'm with both hands "for" . But the skills that you acquire - for big-scale projects. Which makes the vast majority in the United States.

-See How it goes. I would like to work in Hollywood films to gain experience. See how it all happens. It will be an opportunity - I will catch

You're intonation leads to the end of the phrase "but then come back here»

-I Would like to open a shop here.

< -Aaa. Great. Believes that sooner or later it will be claimed here?

-I think yes. If we started to shoot some movies ...

-Spornenko ... Almost all European countries have their own cinema. And there is a very decent art house tape. There are great films. But they do not require this level of makeup. And Ukraine in its approach to the cinema and did a big-tapes are not ready.

-Well yes. On the make-up can not save. But I hope that the time will come when they start to shoot like that here ...

-How can this happen?

-Не знаю))

-Идея снимать в Украине кино подобного уровня заслуживает респекта, но насколько это принципиально возможно в обозримом будущем...


-Так, вот отсюда — подробнее, пожалуйста)) Каким образом собираешься действовать...

-Какие планы?))

-Даже не планы, ладно уж. Может, какая инсайдерская информация имеется, поделись))

-К сожалению, я плохой организатор — с собой бы справиться, но надеюсь, что после того, как я закончу обучение, поработаю в Голливуде (не факт еще, конечно, но хочется верить), я вернусь и создам свою мастерскую. Думаю, что все-таки здесь большое кино когда-нибудь будет. Уже поступали предложения о работе над полным метром со сложным гримом. Я немного переживаю, потому что пока плохо понимаю, как и сколько времени надо на подготовку к таким проектам. И тем более я сейчас в процессе самообразования, еще многого не знаю…

-Немножко банальности: если нет страха — значит, ты занимаешься тем же, что делала до этого, ничего нового. А вот если перехватывает дыхание — туда надо двигаться.

-Я боюсь того, что я этого не боюсь))

-Мой хороший товарищ Саша Олешко в одном из интервью сказал: «Я привык идти на страх». Я это в заголовок вынес. Если страшно — там ты будешь расти

-Очень знакомо. И когда очень боюсь и переживаю —значит все будет хорошо.Так у меня было и когда выходила на сцену.Если переживала, значит хорошо сыграю свою роль, если расслабленная и не переживаю-значит, не выложусь на полную.

-Если придется выбирать между личными отношениями и профессией?

-Я думаю, мой избранник будет меня поддерживать. У меня уже так было. Я пять лет встречалась со скульптором и считаю, что он дал хороший толчок моей карьере. Я вдохновлялась его работами и подбрасывала ему идеи. А когда лепила первую конкурсную работу, советовалась с ним. Нужен человек, который с тобой на одной волне.

-Круг твоих предпочтений внутри профессии?

-Скорее, внутри творческой тусовки.

-Что понимать под творческой тусовкой? Творчество — везде, хоть книги писать, хоть детали точить

-Смотря какие детали)

-Смотря как к этому подходить)

-Good. Меня всегда окружали и окружают творческие люди. Поэтому представить своим мужем/бойфрендом юриста, канцелярского работника мне сложно. Мы должны вдохновлять друг друга

-Понятно. Иначе не заискрит


-Переживаешь за исход конкурса?

-Первый день — да. Сейчас уже легче. Соперники все тихоокеанские, пока я сплю — они набирают баллы. Потом я посыпаюсь, кричу: «люди, помогите», и меня буквально за три часа выносят в лидеры.У меня сильнейшая поддержка, люди просто не дали бы мне проиграть! За что им безумно благодарна!


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