HOW I bought the car, or the mysteries of a woman's heart

We live beyond the borders, so come on bourgeois women, who, after some time, gave me such a beauty.

That's it, I'm never big lottery unlucky, but here such luck, I could not believe my eyes!

Actually, the very announcement of the sale. Pay attention to the price, mileage and year of manufacture. Machines such characteristics there are at least twice as expensive. Grab was the horns, strike while the iron on the spot, or whatever more!

This is my chance! Without wasting too much time, I rushed to write a letter to the owner, which asked whether all is well with the car, can it inspect, and received a response from the charming Julie (yes, yes, charming, so I did just imagine): < br /> "The car is in Spain, we have recently moved there to live. The machine from both the interior, in perfect condition, no accident, price - 2,400 pounds (145 thousand rubles), mileage 23,311 miles (37,515 km). The price includes delivery to England + full insurance. Please let me know you're wondering whether my proposal "

As it turned out, the car is already in a transport company, all documents are drawn up, including insurance, etc. I could only communicate with them, and that this company was our intermediary in the transaction. Adorable Julie gave me all the details (how cute!)

Confused one car in Spain, physically, I feel it is unable (not Julie, a car), so I decided to dig on the internet, and suddenly cheating?
I found a forum to learn about scams that use similar scheme divorce.
Letters Julie were like the pattern! Is cheating?!? How could you?!? I did believe you !!!

However, I decided not to get excited, and check the details of the car on the public website, all the details of the car coincided with me like a stone fell. Of course, Julie just use a template for writing, since apart from me, of course, also wanting to buy her car and even at that price was not the dozen! And you try to write everything by hand, tired. Doubts off, I again on the horse!

I went to the website of the transport company immediately in the chat, wrote that the interests of the machine Polo, no more details are not provided. I immediately replied that yes, there is such a car, all the details of the same. What is the professionalism of the company, only to determine the model of the machine is the one that I'm interested. I was pleasantly surprised. Here, with whom it is necessary to follow the example of the work!

I became interested in the details, however, I meet the standard, as if writing a robot. After the issue, "the robot says to me?" I suddenly banned :( My tongue, my enemy ...

I was confused, I was plagued by doubts in my head was a hurricane. I decided to write that same Julie, because she is so nice to talk to me: "Hello, Julie. I am very interested in the car and ready to transfer the money, but, before I do that, can you reassure me? On the Internet a lot of scams, and I believe you, but to make sure you're not one of them, could you send me a photo of her boobs with my name on them? Please! "

Now, sitting, sad, there is no answer for two days, no car, no boobs ... My friends, what I did wrong? Maybe I was too rude, and I should not like to ask for a photo? Logically, the woman did not understand, I again ...


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