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What if I told you that your own medicine holds drugs, refuses to approve and accept the alternative medicines and procedures because they threaten the very structure of the profession "healing"? What if I told you that the governments of the world want to end hunger in the world? Would you believe me?

I will be hard. I know that there is a populist view, but I can't believe that this is true. There's no doctor that wants to abandon the good drugs. No statesman wants to see die by his peers.

No specific doctor — Yes, it's true. No specific statesman, too, is true. But doctoring and politics have become institutions, but these institutions are opposed to such things, sometimes very subtle, sometimes, as if inadvertently, but inevitably... because for institutions is the question of their survival.

And just to give you one basic example, can say why the doctors PA West deny the validity of the medicine doctors of the East: the adoption of it, the recognition that certain alternative techniques can lead to healing, would mean the destruction of the foundations of this institution in the West in the form in which he himself had built.This is not malice, but a deceit.

Medicine as an institution does is not because she wants to hurt, no. She does it because she's scared.This also applies to other institutions of the creation of man.

Big oil will resist the introduction of new technologies in the field of technology.

The pharmacy industry will resist the drugs that would kill disease.

Military institutions will be against world peace, otherwise they will not survive.

Any attack is a call for help.


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Source: N. D.WALSH


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