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The human digestive system is a long hose. It stretches from mouth to anus, and along the way its environment changes from acid to alkaline.

The problem starts already in your mouth. Not only because the saliva our contemporary contains enough alkali. The reason is that man doing too little chewing movements, the process of chewing does not last long. This leads, firstly, to inadequate grinding of food, and secondly, to weak alkaline effect on food when it is mixed with saliva. Thus, we are talking about inadequate digestion in the mouth.

As you know, when the metabolism of the person is the oscillation between acid and alkali. Alkaline and acid segments arranged in the digestive tract, the chemical core of our life, with the same alternation all over from mouth to anus.

The mouth is alkaline, the stomach is acidic, intestine is alkaline, the colon is acidic. Anus environment must be chemically neutral. If you measure the alkaline level in morning saliva, we awful that sour performance.

Thus, we have another proof that the so-called DENTAL PLAQUE speech in any case is not about the plaque, formed from the remnants of sweets, consumption of delicacies, colas, etc. we are talking about the acidic secretions that night stand out of periodontal pockets and cover the teeth from top to bottom.

Their origin is seen during examination of the teeth. Therefore, the need for the Council to brush your teeth in the evening or during the day — not that other, as an obvious and harmful error.

In this case it helps the transition to a diet enriched with minerals and composed mainly of vegetables and herbal tea, as well as sequential dissolution of already accumulated toxins and their excretion. The only way we can have alkaline saliva with pH of 7 to 7.3.

Ideal indicator is a pH of 8!

The person constantly feels hunger, as it lacks important elements. While in actual fact he lacks them qualitatively, but not quantitatively!!!

Overeating leads to overcrowded stomachs and defective digestion. This is because since time immemorial, the stomach was given a definite quantity of gastric juice. For a long time the world was quite poor, food was scarce. Then no one needed mass flow of gastric juice. Now it's suddenly needed for the digestion of hamburgers and other "delicacies".

In addition, filled the stomach and swelling in the small and large intestine lead to high standing of the diaphragm, so that it starts frustrating to put pressure on the heart. This physical phenomenon should be given attention. Physical therapists have developed special visceral massage to eliminate swelling, but not every doctor has such a massage. Although a massage would avoid the use of many drugs...

In the small intestine is the fermentation process because of the usual food products made with white flour combined with sugar. Many children in the small intestine is a strong alcoholic fermentation. The origin of gases of fermentation is the same as the harmful of alcohol. So the child can run and play, and in his blood at this time will contain a few ppm of alcohol; and when it happens that a boy or a girl is injured it is possible that this fault is not carelessness, but a very real little drunk...

The process of putrefaction in the colon is because because of the lack of movement in people for a very long time emptying. If gases did not produce, they form organic and inorganic acids which need to be neutralized, otherwise they will burn organs, glands, cells, or nerves, or cause functional disorders.

Thus, gases form acids and acid salts, known to us as toxins. For their formation are extracted minerals from the "treasures of life" — from the bones and nails, skin, cartilage, capsules and hair follicles.

The body tries all possible ways to get rid of acids and toxins, which, among other things, there is a continuous oxidation of the skin environment. In this acidic environment develop fungus on the finger nails of the hands and feet, the epidermis and mucosa. Besides constantly increasing their diversity. They flood the body with their toxic secretions, which leads to new diseases.

In the development of many previously unknown so-called "modern diseases of civilization" is excessive consumption of all kinds of delights and pleasuresand needs that were not there before.

Our menu included too much meat and fat. But objectively we are not experiencing them in urgent need. Who among us is so much work physically, so for him to recuperate, you need a large quantity of this product?

In addition, people in excess of consume sweets, cakes, Cola, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. We are concerned about rumors and sensationalism that perevozbuzhdenie nervous system and also leads to dangerous consequences. In this case our independent existence threatened by the constant struggle for existence and competition.

All these criteria lead to a chemically acidic reactions in the body weakening the forces of resistance to the plundering of mineral substances and trace elements given to us from birth.

On the one hand, we don't eat right, consume a lot of animal proteins, products of the beverage industry and the above-mentioned compounds of carbohydrates and sugar, which leads to continuous alcoholic fermentation. On the other hand, we lack in many other things.

We don't have enough free time and inspiration, we not only to be in the sun, in the fresh air.

Too little real food at a constant increase food production that does not contain energy.

Too little real medicines, but there are new drugs and neither the doctor nor the pharmacist nor the pharmacist know nothing about their possible side effects, long term effects and interactions.

We do not have enough of the substances that cause alkaline reactions in metabolic processes, increases resistance of the organism with mineral substances. But we, on the contrary, not eat and overeat, which causes problems in the intestines.

The process of putrefaction in the colon especially hard tolerated by people suffering from constipation. Decay is a process occurring in the absence of oxygen. The rotting formation of various hydrogen-containing gases, e.g., hydrogen sulfide, phosphorous hydrogen, hydrocarbon, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen hydrogen.

If you do not release these gases through the anus, after repeated futile attempts to get out, they will fall in physiological body fluids to form there aggressive acids such as sulfuric, phosphoric, hydrochloric, nitric acid, etc.

If the drop on the hand diluted sulphuric acid, then in a short time it will burn into your bones. A mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid can even melt gold — the "king of metals", so this mixture is called "Aqua Regia". And then people wonder why the skin begins to blacken under gold jewelry. "Aqua Regia" can dissolve even the noble metal.

Sitting, for example, at meetings or conferences, you feel discomfort because of the inability to release gases. It was at this time in the body to form acids, and it is chemically "zakislate" in the full sense of the word. Each bubble of hydrogen sulfide entering the body fluid forms there is a drop of sulfuric acid. It will eat away at the tissue until then, until neytralizuya in grain sulphate slag, calcium sulphate.

Gaza bothersome and unpleasant. Lower abdominal pain, but it is impossible to say exactly where. There is a sense of overflow, and gases depart. The reasons for this are very diverse, and it is not always possible to determine exactly.

We constantly got calls from people who say that their health deteriorated after they changed eating habits, started to eat only vegetarian food and raw vegetarian food. Its digestion requires the body the high cost.

Our intestines are accustomed to "civilized" diet, not so quickly and dramatically to rebuild. So we always suggest gradually accustom the intestine to raw vegetable food, and its share at first to be only 30%. As addiction this share should increase.

Hard to find acid, which is not formed in the process of metabolism, whether it is the destruction of cells, or the consumption of meat and innumerable other delicacies, or eating, or enhanced muscle activity. All these acids should be processed, that is, to neutralize.

If we forget about what we need to drink a lot; if it is alkaline herbal tea to drink mineral water containing acids; if you do not release gas, do not eat foods enriched with minerals and instead fill the body with acids contained in the delicacies, you should not be surprised that soon the body will show all kinds of toxins in the form of uric acid, makelekele, sulfuric acid, lactic acid, nitric and acetic acid salt. They may like to swim in physiological fluids, and is deposited in tissue.

To neutralize them, you need trace elements and minerals, which we vainly expended; so that in places where a large amount of acids that must be neutralized, soon will miss all kinds of mineral substances and trace elements.


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So, the diabetic suffers from a shortage of chromium. With the development of tooth decay the body lacks calcium and fluorine. But this fluorine is not necessary to compare with industrial waste, which is included in the composition of toothpastes. Natural fluoride can be found in plants such as Arnica, comfrey herb, cuff, yarrow, calendula, rose hips, etc.

In graves ' disease there is a lack of iodine, with stunted growth and infertility — a deficiency of molybdenum. Soon young people won't need birth control pills. Continuing to maintain today's lifestyle, they will become infertile. Quite often there are couples who want children but can't.


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Anemia causes a lack of cobalt,hair loss is deficiency of zinc and other minerals. We found that hair loss is caused by the absence of elements such as silver, gold, carbon, calcium, copper, Nickel, phosphorus, silicon, vanadium, and zinc.

The lack of iron and copper contributes to poor blood formation in the body and the beginning of the weakening of the regulatory system of the body.published



Author: Galina Kislyakova



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