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ahead of the weekend, which means that you can get comfortable on the couch and turn on the good and the good movies.

Website made for you a selection of movies that are nice to look at, together with relatives.

The Holiday h3> The Holiday

Two unfamiliar woman Iris and Amanda are going through difficult times. Iris is in love with a man who loves another, and Amanda learns that her boyfriend cheating on her. Caught in similar situations, they decide to swap houses for 2 weeks. While on holiday in the lives of women find each other what they lacked in their own. Good film about the great power of love and how it changes people.

Mask h3> The Mask

Stanley - the shy and timid bank clerk, who always have bad luck with girls. Fate decreed to him gets a magic mask; putting it on, Stanley turns into a hilarious and impudent cartoon creature who is not afraid of any obstacles. He can easily get acquainted with the girl, to which was even afraid to approach, or to arrange a musical number to the police. All would be good, if not one "but" - the mask want to take over other people.

Hello, Julie! h3> Flipped

Julie Baker, saw his new neighbor Bryce gloss instantly in love with him. A boy, on the contrary, immediately began to feel antipathy towards her new "friend." Julie tried to emancipate Bryce, considering that only shyness prevents him reciprocate, and Bryce dreamed that this girl had left him alone. Later, Julie realizes that Bryce is not so nice, she thought, and the boy says that Julie is very special.

Mamma Mia! h3> Mamma Mia!

Young girl Sophie is about to get married and wants to father took her to the altar. That's just it does not know who her dad, because my mother about it nothing ever told. Soon, Sophie finds her mother's diary, in which she describes the relationship with three men. She did not give up and decides to send invitations to all three to find out who her real father.

October Sky h3> October Sky

In October 1957, the Soviet Union for the first time in the history of mankind on the Earth's orbit has launched the first "Sputnik". This event made a lasting impression on the boy Homer, who decides to build his own rocket. Friends and teacher of the boy to help him in this difficult matter, but Homer's father strongly opposes its aspirations. Despite everything, the boy is doing everything to his dream came true.

Good to be meek h3> The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Quiet and unassuming guy named Charlie goes to college in Pittsburgh, but he does not even know what awaits him there. Before our eyes will change Charlie: he grows up, and change the social circle of the clamped guy turned into a real playboy and partygoers. The film is based on the novel by Stephen Chbosky.

Between Heaven and Earth h3> Just Like Heaven

I will dwell in the rented apartment, David meets in their home young woman Elizabeth, who claims that she is the mistress of his apartment. The guy decided that there was some misunderstanding and even changed the locks, but that did not stop beauty, because she is able to walk through walls. As soon as David and Elizabeth find out the causes of what is happening, they realize that they fell in love.

Borrowed Hearts h3> Borrowed Hearts

Kathleen and her little daughter Zoe dream of your own home. On Christmas Eve, they casually acquainted with the rich and successful businessman Sam, who can not make a deal with an influential partner because he does not like bachelors. And Sam bachelor. It offers Kathleen and her daughter to represent his family for a good fee. So begins the story of a cheerful family of lime.

10 Things I Hate h3> 10 Things I Hate About You

Strict father set a condition: Bianca will go on a date if her sister Catherine, too, agreed to meet with the guy. Learning of this, Cameron decides to help his beloved Bianca and finds a guy for her sister - the school bully Patrick, who begins to take care of Catherine in his own unique style.

The Secret Life of Bees h3> The Secret Life of Bees

1964. Teen Lily Owens lives without a mother and ill get along with his father. After another family quarrel girl decides to run away from home with his dark-skinned servant Rosalyn. Fugitives are sent to the city of Tiburon, where acquainted with the good woman of August. It is engaged in beekeeping and sells honey. The film covers such important topics as mass discrimination of black Americans in the 60s.

Little Manhattan h3> Little Manhattan

The film tells the story of two teenagers in love Gabe and Rosemary. They walk on their native city all day long, talking about everything, have fun and make plans for the holidays. In general, behave, as is characteristic of teenagers in love. Wonderful movie, allowing completely disconnect from reality and think about bygone days.

Chocolate h3> Chocolat

In a small provincial town for a long time there was a special way of life. Locals live by strict rules, go to church and are not particularly interested in someone else's life. Everything changes when in town appears sweet and beautiful Vianne with her daughter Anouk. They open a small shop and sell homemade chocolate. And then the morality of citizens is threatened.

Stardust h3> Stardust

A young man named Tristran goes in search of a fallen star from the sky for his beloved. Star is a young girl with a very bold character. And becomes a gift for the other it is going. In addition it is also looking for Tristan dead birds fairyland and powerful witch that nobody can stop.

Father of the Bride h3> Father of the Bride

Wedding - a great event for the bride and groom and very costly for the parents of the newlyweds. George, the father of the bride, not only parted with his beloved daughter, but with a considerable amount of money, and he had to endure the relatives of the groom. Funny comedy is recommended viewing for the whole family.

Duplex h3> Duplex

Alex and Nancy for a long time looking for a dream home and finally found it - cute two-story duplex. But they will not live alone, but with a harmless at first glance, an old woman who tries to evict them. Alex and Nancy's life turned into a nightmare, and they start coming up with a plan to eliminate the old lady.

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