25 tips on how to achieve the effect of perfect skin when applying makeup

How to apply foundation like blush to emphasize the dignity of your face as a concealer to hide minor skin imperfections, and powder to get rid of unwanted shine? Almost all the girls use cosmetics every day, but we do not always know how to use 100% of our favorite beauty-tools.

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Correctly chosen and applied foundation can work wonders. The tone of refreshing the face and gives it a sculptural quality.

Before using the tonal resources apply to face your daily moisturizer. Let it dry, and blot the excess with a towel.

To ensure that the application of the basics do not forget to use a sponge, brush or beauty blender.

When you have finished applying tonal funds, be sure to blot the face with a napkin.

Always choose a foundation that can improve your skin type. Oil-free formula best suited for skin prone to acne, moisturizing formula is well suited for normal to dry skin, and hypo-allergenic cream ideal sensitive skin.

Never test your tone on the wrist or elbow. The skin in this area is significantly different from skin color. It is best to apply tonalnik not made up on your face and wait for a few minutes. After some time, the cream will darken, and you can see if it fits you.

Apply the foundation in a circular motion, moving from the center to the periphery.

Avoid applying the cream in large chunks. It is best to distribute the basis of small polka dots. Since the base will fall more smoothly and naturally.

If possible, apply the foundation in daylight. Even if your bathroom artificial lighting, it is very important to make up after completion of the test it for daylight to reveal all the flaws and irregularities.


Every girl in her purse must have concealer. It will help to hide the traces of a sleepless night, mask unwanted circles under the eyes and paint the nasty spots and pimples appeared at the wrong time.

11. Choose correcting means to a tone lighter than your skin.

12. Before you use concealer, apply your daily eye cream. Feather correcting means will be much more convenient for a pre-moistened skin.

13. The process of shading will be a lot easier if you warm up your fingers before it.

14. First, apply on the face tone cream and only then - concealer

. 15. And remember the main rule: never use foundation instead of correcting

Powder 40,074,610

. Compact powder - one of the most common beauty products. It is able to hide flaws and make the skin perfectly smooth and even. Powder is also able to absorb excess oil and fat from the face and reduces shine.

16. Apply powder only after the complete drying of moisturizer and foundation.

17. The main tools for applying the powder: sponge, wide brush or puff

. 18. Observe the sequence when applying powder: First cover the forehead, then the wings of the nose and chin, and only then - the cheeks, cheekbones and the side areas

Blush 23,274,144

Although many of us enjoy and blush, not everyone knows the basic rules of their application. Proper use of this cosmetic product will help to emphasize the dignity of your face and give it freshness.

18. Apply the blush in several light layers. This will help them to hold out much longer.

19. Follow the simple rules when choosing a blush. suitable light coral, pale pink and peach shades for light skin. For medium skin tones - deep pink, warm and rich mauve peach. For dark - rich fuchsia, dark brown, plum

. 20. The best way to properly apply blush - smile! Move the brush from the center of apples (the bulging of the cheek) in the direction of the cheekbones.

21. Remember, it is better to put rouge insufficient than to overdo it. Be sure to check the result in daylight.


The correct bronzer can not only refresh the complexion and give it a tanned look, but it also can intelligently adjust its features - emphasize the cheekbones, narrow nose

. 22. Bronzer should be one or two shades darker than the natural color. It is important that the means did the tone of your skin's warm, not artificial.

23. Bronzer never applied to the entire face - only on the protruding portions, which are primarily "sun kisses»

. 24. Do not forget to pay attention to the neck and décolleté area. It is not very nice when your face will glow tan, and neck remain pale.

25. Apply the bronzer, as if trying to draw on the face of figure 3. Move from the forehead to the cheekbone and then to the chin.

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