Give new life to an old chair! 14 stunning ideas for remaking.

Old already served their Furniture the place is not at the dump. Old chairs you can give a new and very exciting life, if you add just a little imagination. From them you can make a nice brand-new chairs, and quite unexpected things, such as photo frames or nightstand.

«Website» produced some amazing ideas for conversion old chairs for you. See and be inspired!

What to make of the old chairs
Old chairs can be easily turned into a new

Take the basis of the old sidushku. If the filler is still in good condition, you can keep it. If the chair has lost its softness, take foam and grave of his part in the form of sitting.

To choose a thick cloth lining. Make a pattern, guided by the shape and size of the seat and took at least 10 centimeters margin on the sides. Fabric can be attached to the back side by using superglue or furniture stapler.

Here are some ideas for remaking old chairs. From them will be wonderful shelves.

Or dressing table with storage for accessories.

From the chair can turn unusual clothes hanger.

Or for towels in the bathroom.

Turn old chairs in the bedside tables.

Another option unusual hangers.

The original photo frame of the backrest.

If the rest mesh, it will serve as a holder for jewelry.

Feeders for dogs.

Of the few chairs set in a row and connected to each other, you get the original bench for the home or garden.

Of these, you can even do something like the flower beds.

Or stand vases.

Children's swing.

Take advantage of these wonderful ideas to create in your home a cozy atmosphere!

And tell me about these ideas to their friends and girlfriends!


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