Updated kitchen without the high cost


For updating the kitchen many are not taken, believing that it will end with the repair. Actually, to update the kitchen, do not require large expenditures, and required a few new parts.

The first step is optimization of space. The most necessary in the kitchen is kitchen unit, fridge, sink, stove and a dining table and chairs. All unnecessary need to clean up and restore order.

Kitchen – not the best and not the most comfortable furniture design for this space. You need to replace it table of circular form and acquire the easy chairs. By the way, these models are inexpensive. Also adjust the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink – it must be the same.



The most important thing in the kitchen — kitchen set, and it needs to be comfortable. Photo: digsdigs.com

Step two – change style cuisine. To change the style it should be mostly due to the furniture, individual accessories and tableware that is located in plain sight. But don't buy new furniture! And old! Any furniture can be repainted in a color corresponding to the desired style, to artificially "wear out", make cracks, the effect of the peeling paint, decorate with decoupage – if you want to get a classic, Victorian style, Provence, Baroque or vintage kitchen.

You can decorate furniture, embroidery, woven items, make a hanging panel of fabric in the box, place beautiful vases and hanging bright potholders – if you want a kitchen in country style. If on the contrary, want to make the kitchen a more modern – color facades in bright (Scandinavia) or bright (high-tech, techno, contemporary color.

You can stick in an appropriate styles, and even snippets of Wallpaper. Also complement the kitchen interior murals, or posters – abstractions.



Any furniture can be repainted in classic white color. Photo: digsdigs.com

Step three – updating the backsplash and countertops. It is the upgrade, not a replacement. The apron and the top is the next thing catches the eye in addition to kitchen furniture. And if you somehow change, it can transform the entire room in General. Apron and countertops can be updated through mosaic, decorative stones, the use of surface-mounted Plexiglas, which can also be painted.

For the apron will suit a special decorative thermo, but if you want to put a tile, you can paint with special paints for ceramics and annealing the special dryer (construction).




Apron and countertops can be updated through mosaic or decorative pebbles. Photo: digsdigs.com

Step four – new shelves. Shelves, certainly not the most expensive acquisition. So two or three new shelves – is quite real. But hang them so that they formed a composition to the kitchens, was its logical continuation, or Supplement. But their color can be matching with color of furniture and contrast to it. But if the shelves are bright, don't forget to repeat the color somewhere else, at least in the color of kitchen textiles.


The fifth step is the decoration of the dining area. The wall next to the dining area is adorn with new panels, decorative plates, decorative painted serving or chopping boards. Well, the old furniture will transform colourful chair covers, new tablecloths. Non-standard course – to make all chairs with solid covers, but a different color, this technique increases room. Well, the old stools can be decorated using decoupage or decorate.

Step six – replacing lamps. Will need is a new chandelier and a few local luminaries like sconces. If possible, make the lighting where it was not before – for example, spot lighting in kitchen cabinets and apron. And to enhance the effect of the new lighting, to enter the kitchen some shiny, glossy details, panels-stained glass.

We can make two main sources of lighting, it will help to emphasize the zoning dishes. If you were previously a chandelier, now make the work area active backlight, and chandelier another design put over the dining area. Or instead of one triple chandeliers hang three large single – there are many options.



To enhance the effect of the new lighting, to enter the kitchen some shiny, glossy details. Photo: apolismedia.com

Step seven — a new design window.Here we just change the textiles. Tulle can be replaced by organza, is uncomfortable long curtains to hang Roman blinds. Curtains made of ordinary cloth can be exchanged for curtains of the type "the rain" or curtains made of strips. An interesting option for country style curtains, or curtains in the technique of patchwork. And you can just decorate an existing plain curtains buttons, tabbed pockets, applique, and even decoupage on fabric.


Step eight — introduction to interior kitchen interesting details. They should not be much, but they will drastically renew the impression of the kitchen. For example, different handles on kitchen furniture, the decoration of the facades of the cabinets or the radiator in the kitchen the bamboo mural on one of the lockers, the door in the form of whiteboards recipes, refrigerator, repainted in bright colors or stripes.

Step nine – a Mat on the floor. This stereotype that the kitchen should be soft floor coverings. Of course, the rug or carpet in the kitchen to anything. But a small bright rug in the dining area – what you need!


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