These 13 products - a real lifesaver for the stomach! Forget about gravity, and other problems.

The fast pace of modern life often does not give us a moment to carve out for themselves. Even there is no time to eat, what to speak of the cooking! That fall under the hand of unhealthy foods for snacks, from which then arise discomfort, heartburn yes abdominal pain Familiar, is not it?

The fact that our stomach - a very sensitive organ and needs the "right reinforcements." Heaviness in the stomach after a meal - a sign of problems with digestion. Do not rush to take all the pills in a row, it is best to see a doctor. And just to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, take note of the rules of proper nutrition

«Website» advise you to pay attention to the following products needed to stomach was healthy and functioning properly. Add them to your diet - no, they are not completely cured, but will bring tangible benefits to the body! And remember the golden rule of nutrition: "All's well that in moderation!" And if you believe that these products do not fit, do not you dare ...

Meals for improvement zheludka

Among all kinds of cabbage, broccoli, perhaps, is among the most useful. This is a good antioxidant and best source of dietary fiber. Cereals and bran
It has antiseptic properties. If discomfort in the stomach also recommend decoctions of bran. Carrots
Carotene rich carrots toxins and provides us with vitamin A. Berries
The most delicious way to strengthen the body as a whole! Apples
These fruits contain pectin, which is able to bind toxic substances. Just gently with sour varieties of apples - they do not get involved in acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract Avocado
. Exotic guest contains a lot of fat, so useful for our body! Also with the help of an avocado can get rid of anemia and vitamin deficiency, normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce cholesterol levels. Nuts
Raisins, dried apricots, prunes - what could be tastier and healthier? Best replacement for harmful sweets! Nuts
They are fairly high in calories, but it is better snacking favorite nuts than fast food. Yogurt
Yogurt, as well as other dairy products, improves digestion. Just bear in mind that we are not talking about the products store ... Beet
Slightly svekolki a day - and there are no problems Flax seed
! Recommend use decoctions of linseed. And if the seeds of plants take on an empty stomach? You know exactly about this method, cleanse the body ! Green
A bunch of fresh herbs - a storehouse of beneficial vitamins and minerals that help to preserve youth, beauty and health. Features highlight dill, parsley and spinach. Water
It is not news that for normal digestion is necessary to drink plenty of water. Do not forget about it!

To get rid of pain in the stomach, first of all adjust their diet. Nothing new: pastry, spicy, very fat, marinades, coffee and soda should be excluded from the diet. Eat regularly and do not forget about physical exercises. You know about it, so why still muchishsya such a problem?

Savings on correct food ? Caution, not have to spend on treatment ... Be healthy and always full of energy! Let your friends and will forget about the problems with the stomach - to share with them this information



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