Herring under a fur coat can be an original dish. Prepare favorite salad in a new way!

Many of us find Dressed Herring one of the main dishes on New Year's table. As the saying goes, without it, and the event - not an event and holiday - not a holiday. Despite the simplicity of ingredients and preparation, "coat" is considered one of the most original of traditional dishes.

For the first time Dressed Herring presented a New Year's Eve in 1919. According to legend, in the restaurants of a merchant by the name of Anastas Bogomil people are often drunk and undertaken a fight. Therefore, one of his cooks, Aristarchus Prokoptsev, came up with an unusual rich dish.

In this dish herring symbolize the proletariat, potatoes and onions - the peasants, red beets - Bolshevik banner

. Recipe for herring under a fur coat at everyone, but we have prepared for you an unusual way. Take on arms and dress is really something special for the holidays!

Herring under a fur coat "Christmas Candles" Ingredients
6 slices of rye bread 150 g beet li > 1/4 lemon 6 tablespoons. l. mayonnaise salt (a pinch) coriander powder (a pinch) 1 salted herring fillet 1, 5 hours. l. gelatin 70 ml of water

Pour gelatin in cold water. decoction beets, peel and we shall cut pieces. Put the beets in a blender, add mayonnaise and coriander, salt a little. Grind the ingredients to the puree. to squeeze the lemon juice and add it to the mass. Try to get the taste of mashed potatoes. It should be sweet and sour. A little heating gelatin, do not forget to stir it and add to the puree. Again, turn on the blender and vzbey everything to obtain money supply.

Cut out round billets of bread.

Top with slices of herring fillets.

Put high-rings for dessert on bread bottoms. Pour beet pulp. If you do not have such a device uses a conventional thick file. Places scrapie joints with tape or a stapler.

Put in a cool place for at least an hour. Important: remove rings only need to feed! Optionally smazh top of a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Deck "Christmas Candles" lemon wedges. This traditional salad , prepared in a new way, is likely to appeal to all.

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