7 rules of life of Catherine Deneuve. The famous actress shares the secrets.

< Catherine Deneuve is divided into the basic rules of his life. By following them for many years, the famous actress is always on top!

rules of life of Catherine Deneuve
  1. The inner world - your main virtue
    True beauty, Catherine always took offense when she did only compliments about appearance, not to play the role. It urges all fans to develop their inner world , and other people are not judged only by appearance. "This is so embarrassing - to be someone's dream»

  2. Active citizenship -. It is normal
    The actress never stood aloof from social activities and trying to use their publicity when it was necessary. She is an active member of various protests and demonstrations, which take place in France. "I like to be a celebrity, when it helps me. The rest of the time I try to be just a man from the crowd. »

  3. Personal life does not flaunt
    Who is not only twisted love affairs famous Heartbreakers: Roger Vadim, Marcello Mastroianni, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Hallyday, Luis Buñuel, and even one of the presidents of France! But the details of his personal life, Catherine Deneuve carefully hides. "The best way to keep a man's love - not to marry him».

  4. Do not get too upset because of age
    Film star is proud that he never went to a scalpel plastic surgeon And try to enjoy all the pleasures of his age: having fun romping in the garden, preparing dinner, bakes cakes for her four grandchildren. "I would not want to regain youth and start all over again.

    actress does not allow more to be an individual. »
  5. Love life
    Catherine Deneuve - an avid smoker. And happy always smokes a cigarette or two ... Of course, it is not necessary to take off her example. But the essence of the board is not to indulge in small pleasures that give pleasure
  6. Stylish look -. Need
    By the famous French woman ever was attached the title of style icons Even in everyday life, she does not allow herself to look messy. "Never be dependent on someone else's opinion! Enjoy its beauty and think of it as a great gift! »

  7. Keep outsiders at a distance
    The actress always willing to give an interview, but only on general topics! As already mentioned, she tries not to share with the public the details of its privacy

    Perhaps this is the rules allow Catherine Deneuve to be full of charm and nobility, even in old age! Share them with your friends - they are really facing



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