13 eye-popping celebrities who win an old age

At stars blue screens have a much better chance of staying young and blooming as long as possible, than the common people. Botox injections, braces and other procedures rejuvenation doing their job and looking to celebrities is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the age of one or another socialite or pop diva. Of course a healthy lifestyle and good genes has not been canceled and it also has a tremendous impact on a person's appearance. Here is the famous women who do not look at your present age.

Category 50+ Elle Macpherson, 51 years old 68,150,386

http://ax-d.pixfuture.net/w/1.0/afr?auid=538125168&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE video> It seems that top model, which received from colleagues and journalists nicknamed "The Body" does not change the past 20 years. McPherson is absolutely not afraid of the paparazzi: the Internet is full of pictures of her without makeup or a bikini. And in the case of El lovers pozloslovit profit nothing: and the figure and the face of the model in order. What's the secret? "First of all, I believe in a healthy diet, the 8-hour sleep and daily exercise," - says the top model. She admits that with age to keep her figure more complicated. Now the only delicacy that she can afford - is a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. El also seeks to minimize the use of make-up, which, in its view, the old skin. Ambiguous beauty-rule, but apparently it works for the model.

Sati Spivakov, 52 years old 12,040,972

Anyone who has ever seen the famous TV live, celebrate her rare aristocratic beauty and natural grace. Unlike many celebrities, Sati does not hide his age and willing to share beauty-secrets: "I am 52, but I did not do any braces - I swear! Otherwise, the husband divorce me, a close friend stops to chat, and daughter will boycott. And yet I never say "never." While helping me mesotherapy Bellefontaine and buccal Joel Siokko massage, which is performed by the oral mucosa. I also did ultrasound lifting the machine Ulthera System - a painful but effective technique ».

Julianne Moore, 53 years old 11,704,169

In his age the actress is happy with the mini and waives pictures with explicit scenes. If you do not believe me, look at the recent film "The Passion of Don Juan." In an interview, the actress shared the secrets of beauty and good shape: "My mom (she is originally from Scotland) taught me to beware of the sun's rays and use funds from the SPF. I also try to eat right, I eat fresh fish and organic vegetables. Regular exercise - yoga and jogging 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I sit down on the detox diet without alcohol, sugar and flour. In a short time you can achieve amazing results. But honestly, in my youth I was more disciplined in terms of sports and nutrition. I guess now I realized - life is too short to deny yourself small pleasures ».

Madonna, 55 years old

Extensive concert tours, permanent projects to create clothing collections and lines of cosmetics, work in the film and recording studio - seems to pop diva knows the secret of eternal youth is not only, but also the continuous production of energy. Periodically Internet fall photos from the series' star after injections of Botox "or" Madonna made a facelift. " We are ready to forgive the little singer (or still more?) Women's tricks, thanks to them, it remains a role model for millions of fans. Besides, it does not affect either the talent or the performance of the Madonna. She herself, by the way, says that never do plastic surgery and the appearance of flowering obliged exceptionally young lover.

Sharon Stone, 56 years old

"My ex-husband used to call me Dorian Gray and himself - his portrait - Sharon Stone joked in a recent interview with ELLE and added. - The older I get, the further away from the image of the fatal temptress, for which men are ready to go to the ends of the earth. With age, I began to take a different attitude to beauty. I can not ignore the changes that occur with my face and body. In addition, every day I get up at six in the morning to prepare breakfast sons, so feel sexual just once. " It seems that the actress is a little crooked soul: she regularly appears on the red carpet in a charming dresses with open neckline and posing for men's magazines in her underwear. This amazing figure, slender legs and chiseled face oval Sharon may cause envy not only the same age, but younger colleagues in the shop.

Category 60+ Christie Brinkley, 60 years old

Over appearance blonde American model Christie Brinkley age and the time seems to have really no control. Her career in fashion-business has more than 40 years, during which there was a beauty at least 500 covers. In 60 years Christie, mother of three children, looks 30, and is easy to give a head start in some 20 years. Perfected sports figure with perfectly proportioned, which boasts Brink and now, once served as a prototype for the doll Barbie. It is understandable why the popular men's magazines from year to year making it to the list of the sexiest women in the world and coveted. Staying in shape helps Christi daily classes at the gym, yoga, running and water sports, which she loves. Not without dietary restrictions. The blacklist models - sweets, meat and dairy products. By the way, Brink admits that regularly turns to plastic surgery and cosmetology. However, to their credit: all the features of the face and facial expressions Christi they managed to save. Fine work!

Sigourney Weaver, 64 years old

Actress Sigourney Weaver has always stood out tall (182 cm) and sports tightened figure. Largely due to these data Sigourney was approved at the brutal role of the spacecraft officer Ripley in cult kinosage "Alien." Despite nalyso shaved his head ("Alien", 1979), lack of make-up and outfits for men deliberately (overalls-style military, leather uniforms, etc.), Weaver managed to look feminine. After the release of her fi thriller even awarded the title of sex symbol. With age, the actress did not lost appeal, keeping the body in great shape. In '52 she played the role of the treacherous temptress in the comedy "Heartbreakers" (2001). In some scenes, she appears in a revealing lace tights and I must say, it looks in a very convincing even against the background of a picture of a young partner Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sigourney Now 64, she is still slender and youthful. In the various interviews, Weaver did not just accept what is not a fan of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. The secret of a nice feeling and appearance lies in a moderate diet, unloading days, an active lifestyle and constant skin protection from the sun. While there may be a role here was played by genetics: Sigourney mother lived to 94 years.

Sofia Rotaru, 66 years old

Image deserved singer Sofia Rotaru was formed long ago. Brown loose hair, parted in the middle arranged, clearly delineated eyes and spectacular outfits. Searing brunette for several decades, is considered one of the most beautiful women in the post-Soviet space. According to the singer, the offices of plastic surgeons, she is trying to get round. But respect sadovnichestvo (calories burned while too much!) And sport, which is engaged in since childhood. The nutrition Sofia M. adheres rational approach: eat small portions and only useful natural products. And if you want to get rid of a couple of extra kilos, sits on a 9-day diet: boiled rice for three days, three days, three days of vegetables and fruits. Take on a note.

Category 70+ Catherine Deneuve, 70 years old

Grandchildren do not call her grandmother, using the short name of the secret that journalists trying in vain to find out. Of course, Catherine - is not the same seductive girl with blond hair and big eyes from the movie "Umbrellas of Cherbourg". However, in his later years a true French chic looks, applying to this a minimum of effort. Catherine loves to eat, does not refuse a glass of wine, and besides, it can often be seen with a cigarette. The actress believes her beauty hereditary and thanks for the youthful appearance of the mother's genes. She also tries to sleep well and long, every week makes a special drainage massage of the face and do not forget about sun protection. Agree, not the most difficult rule?

Raquel Welch, 73 years old

On the big screen Rakel Welch does not appear for nearly 20 years, but the title of sex symbol, assign to it many years ago, it continues to meet. Road to Hollywood in the 1960s, it opened the film "One Million Years BC", in which she wears a revealing outfits from animal skins. In the next film directed by actively imposing image of Raquel sexual stuff in a swimsuit. Now the actress is not in films but earnestly watching them, doing yoga, visiting beauticians and every day doing makeup and styling.

Carolina Herrera, Sr., 75 years old

The head of the fashion house Carolina Herrera always looks perfect - elegant styling, makeup necessarily bright lipstick, clothing, emphasizing the slender waist. In its venerable age Carolina Herrera, the elder is not just following the fashion trends - it creates them! The designer tries as much as possible to spend more time among young people, it helps her to keep abreast of world events and innovations. Moreover, Carolina Herrera is trying to learn something new: in 2012 she sat down at the desk Fashion Institute in New York and received his doctoral degree in Fine Arts. Apparently, such a positive attitude to life gives fruit, reflected in the appearance of Mrs. Herrera.

Jane Fonda, 76 years old

The name of this actress is strongly associated with aerobics. Under the videotapes of the exercises by Jane Fonda in the 1990s engaged women all over the world. By the way, she still writes and produces his master classes. Only now they are addressed to women older than 50 years. The exercises do not require special physical exertion, but helps keep the tone and recharge your batteries. Jane herself is a living example of the effectiveness of its methods: in tight dresses on the red carpet, she looks no worse than 30 years ago.

Sophia Loren, 79 years old

"It's hard to be irresistible, if you're lazy" - this saying witty Italian long been a maxim. His rule lord Lauren tries to follow, despite the years. She wakes up early, always doing gymnastics, lots of walks in the fresh air, eat only healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, fish) and leads an active social life. One of the secrets of her beauty calls the olive oil Etra Virgin. She adds it to salads, applied to the skin and hair. By the way, in 2007, Sophia Loren, who was then 72 years old, shot for the famous calendar "Pirelli", is proud to show the world your womanly figure. And it seems that today there is nothing she does not stop to repeat this bold step.


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