She held his feet in mouthwash for 30 minutes. What happened then, resembles a miracle!

< Problems with legs can spoil the mood for a long time, bringing with nothing comparable to the discomfort! Improper shoes, bad heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, and a weakened immune system - the main causes of unpleasant diseases, beating on the legs

. We collected the best ways to deal with the most common problems. Fungus, ingrown nails, calluses and even gout - all these troubles remain in the past, we just need to take appropriate measures

feet Diseases
  1. The fungus on your feet
    . To get rid of mold, try to do the bath of the Mouthwash Dipping into the antiseptic liquid legs, sit 30 minutes. After a few sessions nasty disease disappear!

    Hammer, deformed toes
    Such widespread now flat feet, arthritis and calcium deficiency in the body can cause deformation of the fingers. To cure your fingers, do gymnastics! Stretch the joints of the fingers, it is useful to do this procedure after a bath or a hot shower. It is also very useful for the toes is fun: lift fingers small objects from the floor! It promotes joint health.

    Normally, the corn - the problem of people with excessive sweating feet. Lubricate the problem areas of the skin a solid deodorant, and corn there will be!

    inflamed bone in the leg
    Mix juice burning red pepper with Vaseline and apply on the inflamed bone. While completely remove bulging bone surgery will help, and not in all cases, a means to save Pepper from inflammation and pain! The secret of capsaicin: a substance with a strong anti-inflammatory effect is present in the red pepper. Throughout the day to refuel food ginger and turmeric , these spices also help to deal with inflammation.

    A wonderful remedy for corns - raw onion, marinated in apple cider vinegar! Prepare a "meal" for the legs, attach the bow to the problem areas. Wrap your feet in the package, put on socks and regularly sleep with magic compress until corns will not be wasted. Skin transformed!


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