Clay against black dots: cleansing mask to get rid of skin blemishes!

Of all the folk remedies that help get rid of blackheads , the clay is released. It is based on the masks not only clean clogged pores, but also in general improve the condition of problematic skin

Remove black spots can be in the first place with 2 types of clay -. white and black. So catch 3 variants express masks to eliminate this unpleasant defect!

Masks gliny936b201073.jpg

The mask of white clay and aspirin
Dissolve 1 hour. L. 3 clay and crushed aspirin tablets in a small amount of warm water. Apply the mask on for 20 minutes, 2 times a week. The mask of white clay and salicylic acid
Mix the aqueous solution of salicylic acid and clay. Apply a thick paste on the trouble spots with black dots. When the mask is dry, wash away with warm water. Intensive Mask of black points
Dissolve 2-3 tbsp. l. black clay in a small amount of herbal decoction (eg, St. John's wort or mother-and-stepmother), add 1 ch. l. lemon juice and 1 drop of essential oil of tea tree.

masks out of clay instantly relieve you of blackheads and other imperfections. The main thing - they are very accessible and most are harmless

! And what means of blackheads can you advise?


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