This workout inspired me to start exercising! Everything you need for an excellent shape - 5 minutes of time.

Very short, but very effective training! This complex is ideal for a home gym, and if you are looking for an incentive to start exercising, just look at this girl. Being in great shape is quite real! The main thing - keep track of their daily routine, diet and do not forget about the regular exercise

. Complete muscle training speeds up the metabolism, so even at rest your body will burn calories. Intense exercise, even though they will be short-lived, will help you pull all the problem areas and to be in good shape. Find 5 minutes for this exercise can be even a very busy woman!

dnyaPodarok training, not training. You do not need additional shells, you can do even without the mat. The complex begins with jumps, sit-ups and push-ups.

Then she will demonstrate how to effectively swing the press, loading obliques. Movement is very simple! For those who want to adjust the shape of the legs, there is a special exercise ... Watch the video and train with us! Revision «Website» can not sit still.

< Home Workout always come to the rescue when there is no time for the gym. We are confident in the effectiveness of the training and advise you to try! Tell us in the comments how you like doing Sports.


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