Activated Ugol for persons: 4 miracle recipe

Black dots are the scourge of hundreds of boys and girls. However, pimples can ruin the lives of not only adolescents, but also quite Mature and well-established people. And, it seems that in this case it remains only to rely on the help of cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Expensive drugs, monthly procedures for cleaning of the skin, after which it is impossible to appear on the street for several days... the Prospect is very unpleasant, not to say depressing!

Nevertheless, there is a solution. It is very simple and affordable. Mask of blackheads with activated charcoal!

Beauticians suggest a course of treatment, the price of which can reach several thousand a month. Not everyone can afford such treatment. And to make at home a mask using activated charcoal. About the cost say it makes no sense, and the result is... Just try it and you'll know how effective it is!



Why activated charcoal is so effective and manufacturers of cosmetic products often include it in the products? Everything is very simple. Charcoal is a great absorbent. This means that he is able not only to remove dirt and to pull out of the pores sebum, but also to remove from the skin harmful substances that have accumulated there in the process of life. Activated charcoal is a great remedy against blackheads.


Skin preparation

Given that the primary function of the mask is the removal of comedones, you need to provide the most complete access to the pores. For this first you need to wash your face with soap or gel, a foam cleanser. And then prepare a steam bath with extract of herbs.

Thermal treatment should be carried out very carefully. After all, the quality of the skin preparation depends on the end result. In order to steam the skin is usually eight to ten minutes.

After you have steamed out face, you can apply a mask. Use a bandage to protect the hair from contact with the mask. Otherwise, you will not only wash off the mask, but wash the head after the procedure.

If you clean the skin with the use of the mask film, try not to apply it on the eyebrows. To remove it will be much harder, and painful sensations are guaranteed.


Recipes and techniques of making masks

We offer you several options of masks of blackheads with activated charcoal. The cost of such compositions is minimal, all the ingredients are available in almost every home, and the result is no worse than from the use of corporate funds facing prohibitively expensive.

Is the preparation of compositions a minimum of time, and after applying you can either relax and soak, or continue to do household chores. But to catch the eye of the husband in this form, we do not suggest!

The final step apply a cosmetic cream, nourishing or moisturizing.


Activated charcoal and gelatin

This mask, which is very well cleans even the smallest pores and make the skin soft and velvety to the touch. Activated charcoal — the black dots, and gelatin for food and moisture. However, it is contraindicated in this disease as rosacea.

  • Food gelatin mix and milk in equal shares. In our case, about one tablespoon. To give a few minutes to infuse.
  • Finely crush one tablet of charcoal (dust) and enter in the prepared structure.
  • Then heated on a steam bath or in the microwave.
  • Cool it down and apply it on the face in several layers.
  • After the final drying, carefully remove the formed film.
 Activated carbon and water

The mask is prepared very quickly and can be used both at home and during long trips.

  • Three tablets of activated charcoal to crush into dust.
  • To add a little about one tablespoon or a dessert spoon of boiled and cooled water.
  • Mix the charcoal with water, and then carefully apply the resulting mush skin.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Activated charcoal and clay mask

  • Two tablets of activated corner crushed in the dust.
  • Mix with a tablespoon of cosmetic clay (blue or black, depending on what suits you best).
  • Add cold boiled water to obtain a paste, the consistency resembles sour cream.
  • Clean and steam the face over a steam bath.
  • Apply with a brush or soft pad paste on the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for quarter of an hour.
  • Then rinse everything with water.
 Activated carbon and two types of clay

This mask is great with black spots, inflammation and peeling of the skin. However, you should check whether you are allergic to essential oils. Otherwise the result will be the opposite of the desired effect.

  • Half tablespoon white or green clay mix with a spoon of powdered activated carbon powder.
  • Add to the mixture a tablespoon of rose petals, ground and three drops of lavender oil or geranium.
  • Adding boiled water, bring the resulting mass to a state of sour cream.
  • On clean skin, apply the prepared mask, and then after fifteen minutes rinse it with chamomile tea or warm water.
 Activated charcoal and sea salt

This mask is very effective for acne and inflammation. Remember the effect of sea water on the skin... If possible summer trip to the sea in the winter, this mask will be a good alternative.

As in the previous case, be sure to check the on hand, the likelihood of an allergic reaction to tea tree oil.

  • Mix one teaspoon of activated carbon powder and a third of a teaspoon of sea salt.
  • Add a tea spoon of fresh aloe juice and two to three drops of tea tree oil.
  • Dilute with boiled water.
  • Such a composition is applied on a pre-cleansed and steamed face.
  • The exposure time of about fifteen minutes.
  • Wash with decoction or warm water.

It's safe to say that the mask, with active carbon, is highly effective. The remaining components serve to enhance the cleansing action or moisturizing the skin, tightening pores, or saturation of the skin collagen.


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Ease of preparation, availability of ingredients and ease of use made of these masks is very popular. Try it for yourself and you will have the chance to get rid of blackheads without any cost.published

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