She just washed my head in a beauty salon ... What happened after 2 weeks - outrageous!

Going to the hairdresser - a favorite pastime of many girls. After all, so you can rest for a few hours from all the problems of life and bustle.

But even here there are pitfalls - the so-called Beauty syndrome This happens during the most pleasant procedure - washing of the head when you're most relaxed and vulnerable

more dangerous hairdresser salonyNepravilnoe position of the neck provoking clamping blood vessels, and this, in turn, can cause Stroke

There is also a risk of blood clots. If the damage blood vessels and blood clots formed obstruction, and if the blood clots get into the brain - a stroke can happen

Young mother with two children, Elizabeth Smith, in January 2014 experienced a stroke. Taking a snapshot of the hospital, the doctors came to the conclusion that the cause was a stroke Safe-cleaning in the beauty salon.

Rehabilitation of women lasted for months and was expensive. Elizabeth sued the prestigious salon in December 2015. Now she is wary of such establishments and hairdressing services

Elisabeth's lawyer initially doubted the truth of what happened just after a stroke going to the salon. But this fact has been confirmed by independent experts.

Let this and rare case , but no one is immune from these effects. So be careful and cautious when visiting parkmahersky salon.

First of all pay attention to the chair in the barbershop, he should be well adjusted and securely support the neck. Ask your hairdresser to put a twisted towel under the neck to avoid an accident.

First signs of stroke
tinnitus with a sense of fullness slurred speech < / weakness in the limbs (in the hand or foot) severe sudden headache and dizziness

Keep in mind, there is no need to panic. This article is just a warning about how you need to be attentive to their health. We wish you to remain always beautiful and attractive, and most importantly - healthy!

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