He had 7,000 euros. What he has done for 6 weeks, it made me green with envy!

Eskimo igloo Chukchi yaranga, Kazakh yurt, Indian tepees, modern binishelly - this is an incomplete list of dwellings, which scientists have recognized the most comfortable and eco-friendly

. Recently, more and increasingly popular round home
dome house with his own hands
The construction of the house began with the site layout

With a special compass maintained round shape walls of the house to create a dome.

cheap local materials were used for construction.

The basis of the house was ready within 6 weeks.

A few weeks it took to add a ladder, a pond, stonework and furniture.

Now Steve has traveled extensively, and his house is often empty. He rents his house to travelers for a modest fee that during his absence someone to care for plants and kept clean.

Dome Home - it's really cheap, fast and convenient. Architects around the world believe that the future of these houses. After all, they are the most durable and energy efficient.

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