Do not rush to throw out the old Soviet furniture! Who would have thought that will masterpiece ...

If you have old Soviet furniture, you possess a real treasure! It can be changed beyond recognition, using imagination and the most simple materials. Just look what happened with these people with golden hands: second-hand home furnishings did not know ...

Seeing these updates, I remembered that I have an old cupboard in the garage. Be sure to reanimate him!

Remaking old furniture
  1. The Soviet side will look very different if it repainted!

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    Great idea for a wardrobe in the hall. Furniture of those times is very roomy!

    Sideboard transformed into the fireplace! This idea fascinated me.

    Of course, such a result she did not expect, repainting the wall! It looks perfectly, only the old glass points to the venerable age of furniture.

    A simple way to make a wreck of a rack: all the little things in their places.

    The second life of old furniture can be interesting previous one! It is necessary to give her another chance.

    What a flight of fancy! Really stylish happened.

    Conversion of Soviet furniture can be a great hobby!

    The original chair that turned out this junk.

    How exquisitely turned out! A bedside table and begged the trash ...

    The old man did not know ... I never get tired of admire people who are able to create their own hands something amazing!

    Color changes everything! I do not give up such an azure chest ...

    Excellent solution - use a mirror to rework.

    Convenient and very nice ottoman from the old tables!

    I remember we had a folding table. What a pity that we have thrown out ...

    Here is a remarkable mirror came from an old window frame. I want to show this wonderful transformation all familiar to owners of old furniture!

    I hope these illustrative examples to convince you not to rush dispose of your old furniture for many years. What a fascinating and noble pursuit - to breathe new life into it



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