The family is based on love.

The family is based on love. Love is connected with the vision of a certain beauty in the other person. Without this beauty - actual or perceived - love is impossible. Man loses both real and false ideals, loses herself longing for these ideals, which is felt in the old days, even the most vicious people. Man finds another unprincipled and spiritual disgrace. Family implies mutual fidelity. Now replaced by loyalty to permissiveness, and without loyalty and devotion to his wife only become companions or partners.

When one bothers to another, then it goes away from him, as after dinner, or throws another one, like a dog out of the house. Media, TV program lead people to some common gray pattern. Man nothing to talk about with a man: everything you need or are interested in it, it can get from your computer or the Internet.
Man gets bored, it would seem, with the people close to him.

Marriage - a commitment to mutual spiritual communication. One of the spouses as though fills another. Marriage - is emotional warmth, which warms the souls of men, and the man turned into a mental impotent. What makes a family in your spare time? Most often sits at the TV, that is, living in a different, surreal, virtual world, living the life of others. It has neither the time nor the energy for each other.

Only faith and spiritual life can resuscitate, revive the human soul, bring it to love. When a person realizes that he needs human warmth that does not replace any comfort and no car, then he will not seek another partner, and other life, then the family will be for all of its members a source of joy, love and burning school in this cold hearth world.

From the book "This mystery is great there. Questions and answers about family life »
Archimandrite Raphael Karelin


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