Not every chef knows these culinary techniques ... 17 tricks for the most successful dishes!

Some people refer to the kitchen as a sacred place. The sacrament of cooking - a kind of ritual. The dish will turn out successful only if they meet certain conditions. Experienced mistress - as a minister of religion, who knows exactly what and in what order to do that every piece was divinely tasty

! I liked the cooking tricks
culinary techniques
Should soak the onion in cold water for 15 minutes before cooking salads. He loses his excessive pungency!

Before you start to brew coffee, add a pinch of salt, the best of the sea, and a pinch of cinnamon. The drink is incredibly flavorful! Cook coffee and dried, ground into powder lemon peel or orange.

Added to salads table salt coarse ! This improves the taste of the dish several times, only to try ... In addition, this salt is much healthier.

In all salads add salt at the last moment, just before serving! To dish of fresh vegetables was delicious, adding a pinch of sugar and salt together.

The secret is simple perfect cake! Observe this rule: kneading the amount of flour, eggs, butter and sugar in grams should be the same.

Be sure to add salt to the dough , even dough for sweet pies! A little bit of salt in the dough to improve its quality: pastries would be good to keep the shape, it is elastic and pleasant to the taste.

To prepare the perfect omelette , are ready to not only oil, but also on the water. When the protein begins to freeze, pour into the pan a little water. Scrambled not prigorit below, it will be much more useful and more delicate taste.

Balsamic Vinegar - not only an excellent dressing for vegetable salads, Italian pasta and spicy marinade for meat. Try strawberries, sprinkled with powdered sugar and sprinkle with a few drops of aromatic vinegar - incredibly delicious ... Other fruits are also a good idea combined with balsamic vinegar, it is worth experimenting


Cutlets are juicy and very tasty, if you add in minced meat instead of bread breadcrumbs

Wipe dry pieces of meat before roasting: crispy golden brown guaranteed!

Certainly added to the pastries a bit of alcohol: vodka, rum, brandy. This trick will make the batter crispy and fragrant!

If you do not like beans, try to extinguish it in beer! Together with fried meat and vegetables, such beans is amazingly delicious.

If you lubricate the meat for 2-3 hours before cooking with mustard, it will turn out very juicy! You can also sprinkle the meat 1 hour before cooking salt, let him stand up, and then rinse with cold water.

Try to add a pinch of baking soda in lukewarm, bitter tea. Together with lemon, mint and cinnamon, this drink is transformed and perfectly brighten up a hot summer day! In addition, the soda helps to cleanse the kidneys.

Always my knife and wipe dry immediately after use: the blades will not grow blunt very long.

Soda softens even very tough meat! Mound a little white powder on the raw meat before cooking, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. You will be surprised softness cooked meals!

Serve hot dish in a preheated oven dish, and cold - in a pot, chilled in the refrigerator. This will greatly improve the taste of any food!

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