The man dug a hole in the yard, now it all jealous!

Who does not dream of a fish pond in the yard of his house? Better yet, the pool! Handyman decided with one stone to kill two birds with one stone. He approached the issue seriously, erecting ornamental pond and a swimming pool with their hands Of course, much work has been done, but the result can be proud of!

Pool on a plot of
Do not take up the case without having a clear sight of the work plan.

Marking the territory.

Dig a pit was the most time-consuming part of the project. Also it should have the right to lead pipes.

Gradually the pond has acquired distinct outlines. It delineates the boundaries of sacks of earth - more than the original idea. So master "deepened" the future reservoir, not digging it.

Reinforcement need for such structures.

All were looking forward to the completion of the construction work!

All the surface layer of concrete was poured for the complete drying of which needed a week.

It looks like a lagoon, it is a pity that no water ...

At last! The pools were glad and children ...

... And adults!

And when the lights are lit the evening, the pond is transformed into an oasis of relaxation.

Admit it, everyone would like to have myself a swimming pool in the yard. And the most remarkable thing is that everything is done with his own hands, without having to connect professionals. Myself and a builder and designer!

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