Cleansing jelly for a flat stomach: drink 2 cups for 2 hours before bedtime.

We do not accidentally gave preference to this drink, as it copes with the tasks assigned to him frees the intestines from processed foods and regulates metabolic processes

. To make jelly natural ingredients that help cleanse the body and natural weight loss.

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Kissel for pohudeniyaIngredienty
2 liters of boiling water 1 tbsp. oatmeal a handful of prunes a handful of coarsely grated beets

Pour all ingredients in boiling water. Vary the mixture for 15 minutes on low heat. strain the liquid through a sieve, but in no case do not throw out the remaining grounds.

Eat Cleansing jelly should be once a week for 2 cups for 2 hours before bedtime. It is advisable to apply at this time, a hot water bottle to his stomach. Thick, which remained after straining should eat the next morning instead of breakfast. The course of the drink is 4 weeks, after which you need to make a break for 2 months.

Kissel oatmeal helps to lose weight and improve overall health. Share a recipe for healing drink for weight loss with your friends!


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