10 finds ideas for the home, which can be implemented with furniture from IKEA. Each - a masterpiece!

Thanks to affordable, practical and unusual design IKEA furniture loved throughout the world. Concise, clear lines and the possibility of improvements make it a truly versatile for any interior!

< «Website» will show you 10 ideas for design , with the best products that the Swedish brand will become even steeper.

Modern modular furniture
Make the workplace as comfortable as possible by issuing him with a metal wardrobe.

Plastic containers for storing shoes and toys can be easily transformed in a very unusual rack!

This is how different may look the same table.

This chest of drawers made of plywood - the best-selling brand. It is so versatile that it simply can not fail to please!

Stools that are easily converted into a coffee table.

Such shelves - a real find for a small apartment.

Bracket for wall mirrors in the bathroom could easily serve as a holder for the light bulb.

Best place for terrarium not think!

Stands for hot from cork are ideal for storing small things.

Here's how to use the space as efficiently as possible!

Inspired and begins to happen, because the alteration of furniture - an interesting and exciting process. Who would not for mere pennies to get a stylish piece of home decor ?!

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