From the series "Mother said: - It happens all, my son ..."

Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reported about marriage villager Vilukalam P. Delvakumara on stray dog ​​named Selva. Thus 34-year-old Indian hopes to get rid of the curse which, according to local astrologers, he earned a penalty for the murder of two dogs, committed fifteen years ago. After the murder Delvakumaru became ill, he began to lose his hearing, he stopped walking and began to stutter badly. Soothsayer convinced unfortunate that all of his troubles can be eliminated only by marrying a dog. Which he did - the wedding ceremony took place in accordance with all the canons of Hinduism in the local church.

Now you only have to wait for the result.

Childless couple Americans paid about $ 15,000 a nurse Teresa Anderson for that she has agreed to become a surrogate mother and give birth to their child. Teresa serious attention to the matter and gave birth to Louise Gonzalez and Enrique Moreno once five. Five boys. All five kids feel good, but at the very small there is a small problem with the heart. Guys named as: Enrique, Jorge, Gabriel, Javier and Victor.

Long time there was nothing in this series.

So, for a total of festive photos helicopter rides at a hospital in Sala (north-west of Stockholm), who gave his grandfather and grandchildren on the centenary. On board were six people - myself hero of the day and five people from seven to 62 years. Imagine all alive - grandfather broke his arm, and the rest received varying degrees of injuries. What happened to the helicopter, which is registered in Lithuania, now it turns out.


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