12 truths to keep in mind always. They need your soul!

Sometimes we think some people "soulless", but the soul - this is not something we can possess and can not possess. The soul is our true existence. We are in the normal everyday life - only the shadows of who we really are. That is why so easy to forget who we are, where we are going and all that we can be. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Website publishes 12 truths that are worth always keep to yourself. Because they need your soul!

1. You there, where should bytVne depending on the circumstances, regardless of the crossroads, where you were at that very moment. The choices that you should have done, but did not; decisions you had to make, but not accepted.

Your soul wants you to remember that everything has a reason and nothing happens by chance. Believe it: everything that happens - all the better

2.. All vremennoNichto not forever. All the good, bad, awful - everything goes. So be ready for change. Be flexible, as the flow of water taking and living every turn of fate.

3. All you need is already inside vasPoznayte yourself, sit down and understand themselves. All you need: your strength, courage, compassion and love - all of these you already have

. We need time to understand that this is necessary in itself to find and pass the world.

4. You have the people who want bytOsnovnaya purpose of life is not to change or to reverse itself. The main goal - to be always at peace with himself, "despite the fact that you have done or not done, said or did not say" (Katrina Kavanaugh)

. Changes in itself - it is your own choice. But they should not be forced match something. The real transformation take place only after the adoption of yourself as you are.

5. Your self-sufficiency determined by you, and only vamiEsli you will always seek the approval and encouragement from the outside, you can never feel happy.

We are all different and perceive all different, and you will not always be able to control what you think about other people. So stop pleasing others, and try to finally please himself.

6. When difficulties arise, try to look at them from another rakursaBespokoystvo, inner struggle, guilt, sadness and regret appear when a person ceases to live in the present.

But the only way to look at things differently and understand how insignificant life's troubles on the scale of a lifetime.

And this brings us to the next point ...

7. Live nastoyaschimNe delve into the past and do not dream about the future. Find your passion and action. Next moment of your life is more important than the present did not. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Understand that all past events have been given to you in order to gain experience and wisdom. So take them, release them and appreciate all that you have right now.

8. Let go of your fears In the universe there are only two truths: the first - is Love, and the second - Fear

. To live in a state of pure and true love to know the essence of being and life, as such, need to get rid of fear.

"Fear knocked, Love said, but there was no one behind the door." -. The author is unknown

9. Stop trying all kontrolirovatOshibochno believe that you control everything that can happen to you and all the consequences of your every decision.

We can not predict the future, we are not able to anticipate the consequences of each decision taken, so we need to learn to love without attachment, to live without expectations and accept without judgment.

10. Remember your korniEsli you know how it all began, you find it easier to understand what was coming. Our consciousness is infinite, and once you understand this, you will know that each of us - the energy

. The energy, the soul, the mind, which constantly evolve, learn and develop. Each incarnation brings your lesson, your new experience. We have the energy - with it all begins and it will all end

11.. Learn to accept what is happening to you, and not to deal with the adoption of nimNastroivshis (total: both good and bad), you stop trying to control everything. Let go of your fears and expectations - and be able to enjoy the real

. Prosperity is impossible without adoption. This is the true prayer is not asking for something that you want, and learn to recognize, accept and return data to you a hundredfold the good life

. This is an ever-growing circle of love.

12. You never odinokiGovoryat that Albert Einstein believed in the existence of an alternate parallel reality, though it is not visible to the eye or measuring instruments. The fact that the physiologically eye can only perceive the 3D-spectrum in a limited number of colors. Do not rely on only what you know.

Behind the veil of our body is energy. From time to time we are able to feel the immense power, but more often we can simply experience some subtle variations. We never really were alone. We are always surrounded by invisible, and if you intend to bring something, believe me, the result is able to surprise you much.

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