25 Examples of what Pregnancy - It's no joke to you!

Children are flowers of life. But not everyone can adequately respond to the news that will soon become parents. And these crazy the 9 months of pregnancy ... All those who have passed this way, is dedicated.

It all starts with the purchase of test for determining pregnancy

The name of this test is suitable for 100% of this situation

Report of the second half - no easy task

Many approach this very creative

Optimists that will surprise you with its immediacy

Sometimes the situation can be very confusing

Guys, be careful! Before April Fools appears too much joker

The reaction to this news is always the same

After this message is so

And it also happens

In this case marketers have prepared several options of equipment

Russian doctors have learned to treat pregnancy

In the next 9 months, from a pregnant woman can expect anything

Playing hide and seek with the women in the state - it is very exciting

It should be comfortable with the frequent changes of mood

And tastes

Final is always the same! Happy! B>

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