Maria Kolosova: If you do only what is comfortable, you'll get just what you have already

As in the 45 years to decide to begin to engage in a serious sport and how his example to show the children that any obstacles be overcome? How to pass the most difficult race and races, adhering to a vegetarian diet, and how to contact health and what we eat?

How to organize your day so that everything in time, and how to move towards achieving their goals in life? Maria Kolosov, a man with an incredible destiny and vegetarian with 20 years of experience, knows the answers to these questions mother of four children, a successful business woman and owner of ironman title.

Maria, a place in your life takes a sport and what - vegetarianism

? And sports, vegetarianism and occupy a very large part of my life. It began not when I became conscious man began it more when I was a very small child. I grew up in a family where food culture and physical culture were considered a part of human culture.

For example, I had never ate sausage and I do not know what kind of product, because it did not buy in my family. Dad was not a professional athlete, but he was involved in sports, was a master of the sport of skiing. And largely thanks to him since my childhood a lot of running, skiing, led an active lifestyle.

When I became an adult, I realized: if a person does not come to proper nutrition, it is that life compels him go. I gave up meat 20 years ago, before the birth of third daughter - go to such a diet prompted me some discomfort, which was at the time of pregnancy. Now I am very glad that all ended well and that in the end it happened - for several years, I have 80% rawfoodist

. When you become seriously engaged in sports?

Serious sport, I became involved in 2, 5 years ago. I began to participate in international competitions on a triathlon, became seriously prepare for it - and now I'm a three-time winner of the ironman title

. And what is in this distance?

It is necessary to swim 4 kilometers, then drive 180 kilometers on the bike, then jump off the bike and run a marathon of 42 kilometers. The contract is very fast, all the time at a very high pulse. On the bike path is complicated, big mountains, the water is usually cold or ice.

How did you prepare for this?

The first competition I was preparing for the 9 months. I did not have any physical level. training, but I got into the hands of a very talented coach who could make me what I am today. Prior to this, I could run in the park 20 minutes in the morning to feel good during the day, or once a week to go to the gym, to some aerobics, or just to work in the hall - to strengthen any specific muscles needed for girls .

And, you know, still did not know how to swim in the 45 years and did not know how to ride a bike. When I began to prepare, I constantly fell from high, wrung her hands, I was hurt, I realized that more than anything else, I do not fall off the bike and cold water. But my experience is now proves that at whatever you level was not in terms of physical development, weight, power, you always, and in 45 years, with four children, you can take and start doing it, and you will do it - here this is very important.

You have no problems in the competition so that you - a vegetarian

? At first I coach, and all around, constantly saying: "You can not do it, because you're a vegetarian. You will not miss the protein, you will not miss it, this, the fifth, the tenth ... ". How much would I have showed them the information that in vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals contain in fact a lot more beneficial nutrients than meat ... In the end I had to prove it more results than words.

In such a difficult race really need every 15 minutes something to eat, otherwise - all you have turned off the battery, you are going nowhere, and not running away. I tried to advise the classic meals with protein bars, with some isotonic, gels, and so on, but it all came to an end just vomiting on the race, which is very bad effect on the results. Finally, the coach told me, "Every 15 minutes you eat something that you do not kill»

. And I began to eat something that does not kill me - it dates, oatmeal cookies from wholemeal flour, dried fruit - in short, it was very far from the things that athletes eat. If it was a drink, freshly squeezed lemon juice, divorced with honey. Here I am going away little by vegans, because I eat honey. lemon juice with honey and grated ginger, with dilution water - this is the drink, which I can pass this tough race, which lasts for 14 hours on the pulse is always above 150. For me, it is much better than any isotonic.

Tell me, please, and in general what is now in front of you are the goal in terms of sports development?

Sport - a really important part of my life, but I have two more businesses have four children and have a lot of plans. I'm writing a book, I teach three languages, I always want to move forward no matter in what area I evolve.

Daily workouts take from an hour to - terrible to say - 12 hours before the race. Out, I ran 15 kilometers, traveled 65 on the bike, then ran another 15, then another 65 on the bike, then another 15, and ran home. The sun rose - you go to the gym, the sun goes down - you go from training

. Of course, perhaps, as any person involved in triathlons and more like any really a gambler, I have my own goals. There simply race, is in a sprint triathlon race, there is the Olympic distance, there is a half Olympic distance, there is a ironman.

I took a ironman, it was my goal in that year. This year, I will have three ironman race, they will all be quite complicated. There are trails with more straightforward flat terrain, with a more comfortable temperature, but is complicated route - here I will just they

. For want of something more severe - for example, I went through the race, which is considered veloetap in November last year, one of the toughest in the world. It runs on Phuket, and cycle route on the mountain slope there is such that if you try to climb on foot, you need special shoes and you'll almost on all fours to climb.

Of course, this is a very difficult cycle path, difficult distance, and running on Phuket was very difficult. I started running in the afternoon, in those days was 48, the shade was not - imagine how it's a big load. The last part of the distance to the swimming - 680 meters - goes around the lake, in the year there was a temperature of 41. It is very difficult to swim in hot water, completely muddy, with algae.

And my biggest dream in the sport - it is, of course, get to the championship triathlon world. We coach has made a two-year training program, and if I had enough physical strength and abilities - discipline precisely enough - I really hope that next year I get there in October

. You have always been so disciplined?

Yes! All my life.

And how do you plan your life? How to organize your day?

I prefer Gestalt planning than linear. I have nine goals in the second half of life, and those nine goals absolutely clearly linked. There are areas of life that are interesting to me, and I am building my day and my week so that the investment in each of the areas were correct - and children, and sports, and development among these sectors and business

. I do not care that I was sure to list any specific cases, to all "birds and tick", but to me it is very important for me to invest themselves and their time to these areas so that they move in harmony. The word "harmony" to me no less important than the words "order" and "the organization».

Now, let's say, my development - is Nutrition, I am very interested in this science, which is absolutely not presented in Russia, I would like to receive a western education as a doctor-nutritionist. This will be my fourth higher education - I want to be someone who helps people get sick or recover even after very severe diseases due to the normalization of their diet and lifestyle changes

. The second area, which is especially interesting to me now - is the study of languages. I started to learn languages ​​when I started to travel a lot around the world. It was then that I began to realize how much I miss this knowledge, even just to take part in the race - to understand the gigantic speed, which says the judge, or to communicate with people in the country in which I find myself. I want good to know at least three languages, now I know of only one, and that is bad.

And, of course, I try not to forget that some of the time in a week I should write a book, because there is a goal to finish and already has good reviews - I published chapters. It is very important and very interesting to write a book.

What is it? Please tell us.

The book will be called "transit zone". Transit zone - is the term of the triathlon, there is the name of the distance between the swimming and veloetapom between veloetapom and jogging. It needs to take place very quickly - you're already there is not a swimmer and is not a cyclist, you like being changed from one to another, this transformation zone

. Important for me to describe not just the sport itself, not the way I came back, and then, as the aunt as a race seen in 46 years. I see the race is not from the person who deflower the finish tape. I'm going to the end, I will start later than others, but it is the ability to see the race from galёrki, and at the same time to understand that you are not the last - this is a very specific thing. Therefore it was very important to describe the triathlon is not from the standpoint of world champions, not only tell you how to run fast and how fast to swim, but as a general to lead a lifestyle that allows you to approach everything very intelligently and at the same time to achieve some goals . For the "transit zone" - is not only the concept of the triathlon, this concept helps to understand here this transformation as such


You have time so much - how do you cope with all this? When do you find time for a family?

When people ask me, "How do you manage," I always say: "Poor»

. I do not believe.

You know, I tell a story - I had a great post about it on various websites, but I do it very briefly retell

. Three years ago, my youngest child was 13 years old - at the time a misfortune happened to him, he fell into the school year and broke his spine lying on the hood. And now he was lying, he was bored, he was fat, doing all of sports in chess - only this port it is not banned. And then I discovered that the boy was 13 years weighs heavily over 80 kilograms and he was very plump.

I knew ahead of adolescence and need something to do with it. I said to her son: "Zhenyok, let you pereplyvёm Bosporus". There is a worldwide swim, a very popular and challenging - swims 8km from Europe to Asia. He said to me: "Mom, how are you always - you are the Kilimanjaro climb, then you triathlon, then your tongue." But I am able to convince, I showed him a video about how it goes, told how great it is, and he said. "Well" And I went to swim.

In order to be admitted to the Bosphorus, it had to swim three intermediate start - the first 800 meters, the second at 1, 5 km, and the third, at 3, 5 km, in the open water in Cyprus

. And the son and swam 800 meters, and 1, 5 km, and at 3, 5 km, it is direct classroom time shows ... I look - a little baby began to change - pulled, lost weight, began to shine. Just before the swim it turns out that the company, which we recorded the Bosphorus, took all the money and disappeared. And okay, no vouchers, no stay at the hotel, but the main thing - no slots! Slot - the right to participate in the competition, without slots are not allowed

. A son of 5 months lived it start, and I own it to him inspired ... So I plucked up the courage to say: "Zhenyok, Bosphorus will not." I explain why, and he looks at me and says: "I still swim." I say: "You do not understand, the Bosphorus is not - the money was stolen, slot no." He tells me: "I still swim»

. I say, "No, Jen, it is impossible." He says, "Can I at least go with our team those that have slots, practice and see the start with them?" I said. "Okay" I bought him a ticket again, sent him to the company, and he told me started to call: "Can I jump off and swim next to them?" I said, "What, you do not even find, without a chip are you drown, there's no ships stop, you're a little boy. »

In general, he was looking for, looking for loopholes, and when he showed the road, people began to "throw off" slots - they realized that it's scary. And the son bought a slot at one Russian guy. And imagine, he sailed out of the forty thousand thirty-fifth - he left behind for a few seconds on the absolute champion in swimming in open water world

! Eugene came and said: "I am in the next year will be the first on the Bosphorus." And he began to train. After that, it was a lot of competition, he went on, "the Dubai-mile", where he took second place in the world, he has won many starts here.

He's become so stroynyashechkoy, but with such broad shoulders, vymahal to 180 cm and weighs 67 kg today, as was 86. He lost 16 kg, up to 25 cm, has already reached the world level, many heights in swimming and in triathlon .

Perhaps, in such situations, the most difficult - to say to yourself "do." Do you personally have any recipe to force yourself? Whether stopping you something, some external factors, poor health, mood, or you tell yourself "right" and not think about anything else?

Yes, probably the latter. Appetite comes with eating - it happens, I come to practice without sentiment or do not want to sit down to write a book. But I know very well that if you do only what is comfortable, you'll get just what you have already. And you do want to get something new, right?

During the training, I often ask senior managers: "Tell us, please, what you have a goal?" They say. "Which of these goals do you still have not put themselves? Which ones are new? ". They say that almost 100%. Well, I say: "Give me at least three steps over the last year, you did the first time." They say, "No, it was not like this." Everyone wants to do what they feel comfortable, but to achieve the goals that they have not yet reached, but that does not happen!

And yes, a lot of things you do not want to do, of course. And who wants to? Yes, do not know how, right now you will start to fall again with the bike, climb into the icy water, or do some exercise, where you seem to imagine raskoryaku.

You are the first time in my life You take the bar and you will be hard, but it is only in this case you will go there, where else was not. Do you want you to have everything? Want you in my life was something new? Then - go ahead! This moment is for me very, very motivating, often my body tells me: "Well, do not, give more sleep, let's eat something tasty, what are you torturing yourself so?»

. But as soon as you stepped over themselves, you can not imagine what a thrill - you run on the home straight, no hands, no feet, no, no, you 14 hours of plowing and you hear: "Maria Kolosov, you - ironman». And you say: "I did it." And this is completely crazy feeling.

Author: Mary Vinogradova Vera Zvyagintsev


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