Motorized vehicles - Guide for the production of their own hands

Work on the economic part always involve the movement of a variety of goods which can not raise people (several hundred kilograms), but to use this truck still impractical.

Then come to the aid of motorized vehicles - small-sized device, widely used both in private and in the factory and shopping areas
. This unit can buy or make your own truck as it may seem - this article will tell


Species considered equipment

There are a lot of trucks, different in its design and intended use: universal and specific. For example, there is a device for transporting oxygen tanks or barrels. However, all motorized vehicles are classified, depending on the type
bringing them into action, only three kinds:
Hand-held motorized vehicles - the most expensive transport equipment. There may be two-wheel and cargo platform. Their distinguishing features - a simple design and simple operation. Capacity handcarts, as a rule, is not more than 300 kilograms.
Trolleys with internal combustion engines - petrol or diesel. This is a serious device for transporting objects weighing up to a ton, as well as for towing. A good example of such a device can be self-propelled trolley TS-350, the brainchild of Soviet developments. It has a very strong body, all-wheel drive on all three pairs of wheels. On it can be mounted plow, plow or cultivator.
Carts, electrical, self-propelled (still referred to as electro deadhead) - have a good load capacity, and a good supply of distance traveled. these units can be managed on foot or employee with a special operator's seat. Given the departure when the exhaust gases are widely used in enclosed spaces. The load on these devices is wholly dependent on the type of traction batteries.

The chassis and frame - the basis of a self-made hand-carts
His hands are easy to build a cart, similar to the popular wheelbarrow for the garden. Just to be able to transport loads of impressive, it does not fulfill the two and four wheel. We describe the design features of the embodiment of this idea:

Frame - as material for the manufacture of its corners, or other suitable steel profiles length of about 1, 5 meter. Cut into blanks required: two long parts, which are the basis and passing through the folding handle in homemade carts. Between themselves, they are held together by cross-beams by welding.
Pneumatic wheels are chosen to go the right size. To fix the wheel axis of the chassis are cut out of sheet metal elements in the form of triangles with an opening in one corner. Details are welded to the frame, are mounted in between the shafts with wheels.
It remains to make a comfortable place for hand grip. Suit any trim rubber hoses or pieces of thick fabric, which for fixing the adhesive tape used.
Making the body with their hands for self-propelled carts
To the cart could take a considerable weight require strong metal trough. Given that perform stamping (as plant models) at home is difficult, the body is made of the same parts and steel sheets.
The upper part of the body of self-propelled carts reinforce profiled steel elements or make flanging: folded hammer blows through the metal bar of the edge of 10-20 mm. Ahead attached bracket pair, through which the trough can tip over.

Next, put the body on the frame, for this bracket will need to perform a rotary units. To facilitate unloading homemade carts, it is recommended to add in the design of an additional handhold.


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