What age is behind the success

Is there a deadline for success? If so, what is the optimal age for it? Searching the relationship between age and success, that's what conclusions reached by researchers.

"The critical period»

It is believed that after a certain critical age can not be without an accent to learn a foreign language (usually after 16 years). What musical talent, as a rule, it appears in the first ten years of life. Most successful athletes and programmers began to engage in business life as a child, and by the twentieth birthday this people have reached success. Therefore, having a diploma of higher education, you can look like a loser in 27 years. But this is not the fact.

What age is the success

Studying the biographies of the founders of the companies included in the top 100 list of "Forbes", it can be concluded that 35 years is the most common age for starting one of the largest companies in the world. The analysis excluded companies that were inherited from the previous owners, and those who are involved in the formation of the government. For example, the Agricultural Bank of China (one of the largest organizations in the world), founded by Mao Zedong, as ruler of the country. The analysis considered only the self-running of the company and presented the results in the form of interactive visualization.

Mid-life, or a midlife crisis

Most people succeed in mid-life, that for the current generation is about 35 years.

Therefore, we intuitively expect major lifetime achievement will happen around this period, otherwise - midlife crisis

. Crisis quarter life

When you graduate from college and you crush parental expectations, and in the news talking about the heads-teen, you can feel like a failure. Even 25 years. However, according to forecasts, our life expectancy has increased, compared with the current average of 78 years.

Therefore, in 25 years we can assume that you have passed only a quarter of life. "The crisis is a quarter of life" - a new term that appeared similar to the good old "crisis serednego age." According to the newspaper The Boston Globe, quarter life crisis begins to manifest after twenty years, when there is contact with the "real world." The man begins to feel challenged in their own lives, which is caused by the stress of becoming an adult.

"Late Flowers" and not losers

What is better - success at an early age or mature? This is equivalent to the question: it is better to run Facebook in 19 years or IBM at 61? For the world as a whole it is not important. Perhaps, Facebook social network would never have appeared if there were no company IBM.

Is Charles Flint Felt like a failure when organizing the company, which is now known as IBM? He was at that time already in '61. But Flint had lived another 24 years working and enjoying the fruits of their success at the end of life.

Late start - this is a mistake? Maybe. Starting at 61 is too late? It's never too late.


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