Do not think that running away farther from the bad, is getting closer to a good ...

No matter how benevolent intentions were not, still be achieved integrity.

And she, as a rule, is not to everybody's taste.

... Keep up the idea.

Rough find the same tender.

A solid tends to soft.

Fair meet a cheater.

Easy mired in heavy.

Gay very serious need.

Prince looking for Cinderella.

... And Shadow, among other things, looking for ways to dissolve in the world.

Each plus, dreaming of the black, still find its minus.

Each minus, if enough time, awaits the fate of a plus.

And do not think that running away farther and farther from the bad, you become closer to the good.

World-the-round. In the end, come running to the top.

Wise refuses to seek luck. Because it is already here.

Making any choice, a wise knows that everything has polarity. Things are built on the polarities like any recipe of any dish.

Add to taste any in contrast to what is and get integrity.

At first it will taste bitter, and have it to pour lemon juice, then season with salt to that a little later sprinkle with powdered sugar, then to throw out all this and start again.

And is not that people are doing every minute?

Just do not realize that they are always doing something contrary to what made a little earlier.

We slept - woke

. There were - now lie

. Read - stopped reading

. They were hungry - suddenly took and ate

. And even this: lived-lived - and died suddenly

. Such is the human share - always be between

. And while there are between - is harmony. And when the borders, then everything is the other way around.

And what of all this conclusion?

If still everything is so easy to do is consciously to his folly.

And we will be happy. So, good luck.

© Marc Ifraimov


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