How to get the "tea" $ 10,000

How to get the "tea" $ 10,000. Tells offitsianty Club Buffalo: "Donald Trump came for lunch on Monday in Buffalo club. The table was reserved for the name of his friend, so no one expected that he would come for lunch come billionaire. We have a special room for VIPs. Donald ordered cold while waiting for a friend who went through 10 minutes. When I told them about the menu, special offers, and I felt like a steward to talk about safety in flight. By Donald ordered the soup and did not touch. Then he ordered the spaghetti. After the meal they ordered cappuccino. One of the officers found a visitor Trump and asked for an autograph to which he immediately left his stroke on a piece of paper. Customers were asked to score. And then Doanld first spoke to me: "What is the greatest number of tips you received during your work?" "Once I got $ 500 from the account of $ 1,000," - I replied. Donald Trump nodded his head and said that I served them very well. Later I returned to the table to pick up the check. In a hurry I did not look at the amount of the tip and went to work. What was my surprise when I looked in the evening for the amount on the check - At first it seemed that it was written from the account of $ 1,000 to $ 82, but when I looked again, I realized that this is 10,000 $. »


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