No sugar diet: a personal experience

Marita Zakharova, Director and mother of two young sons, after the second birth had lost 15 extra pounds, but he found hypoclycemia (low blood sugar, which is contraindicated to starve). Then she decided to completely eliminate from the diet sugar and gluten for six months adopted a new diet.

About the change of diet


I've been watching the diet and trying to lose weight. For the second pregnancy gained 17 kg, and she already had extra 3 kg, so wanted to get in shape. Before, I quickly dropped weight, including with the help of fasting. But then realized that I can't fast. In the eyes of the dark, dizzy, a few times I fell.

At some point I read an article about hypoglycemia. Compared with your symptoms, I bought a glucometer and started measuring. My fears were confirmed. Hypoglycemia (decreased glucose in the blood) need to balance:

  • eat every 3 hours
  • small portions,
  • choose products with low to medium GI, to avoid spikes of glucose in the blood.

I sometimes after 2 hours already hungry intolerable. I always have in the bag is sweet, as the most dangerous hypoglycemia — hypoglycemic coma. Candy helps you quickly raise the blood sugar level. I admit, in the beginning I wanted to eat it just like that, for no reason.


The results


After six months of this diet, the glucose levels are better. I no longer have the wild urge to eat something sweet. In General, a lot of energy. I'm still a nursing mom and not very much sleep, but it does function well all day. Previously I mentioned that after lunch I really wanted to sleep, now performance became much higher.

About the absence of sugar


While it's difficult, since food is excluded, not only sugar, but also gluten, to which I react. In the beginning, I asked the nutritionist who helped to make a balanced diet. In my case it is not just a fad but a necessity. Now relapse almost does not happen. They are planned: 1 every 1.5-2 months allow yourself to eat something sweet, for example, when you go to a Birthday party.

In case an irresistible desire to eat sweet I have a box of frozen Mochi Sweets, I love them very much. I bought it, I think, two months ago, had not yet opened.

And erythritol is almost a perfect substitute for sugar, it has almost zero calories and GI. But honestly, I use it very rarely. In the summer a couple times to make him ice cream. Also sometimes added to Urbach 1 tsp of Manuka honey. Due to the fats in the nuts spikes in blood glucose occurs. When you really want dessert, eat dried fruit, but with the GI lower: prunes, plums.


The absence of gluten


I'm still learning to live gluten-free. I don't know what's harder: not to eat sugar or gluten. Sugar is a purely psychological desire, it is not necessarily something to replace it, but wheat and rye — the basis of my former diet.

Still not good to cook with other flours. Experiment. The bread was disgusting, so have adapted to buy different bread. Plus not so long ago I started to regularly eat fermented foods: Kombucha (Kombucha), sauerkraut, kimchi, homemade yogurt.


Related product


I do not eat processed foods. All the food make myself, so mostly buy just vegetables, fruits, cereals, poultry. Buy something in online shops, something in Danilovsky market, spices — on iherb.

Tea is my weakness. I always have several varieties of green tea and Oolong. To be honest, my favorite tea is milk Oolong, which true connoisseurs do not drink tea, and I can not be without him. I love it. Plus I even add tea different herbs. Now try in the morning to introduce the adaptogens: Siberian ginseng, the root of Sagan dayli.

Favorite brand: urbiche "Living product", Nutbutter peanut paste, bread Di&Di, chocolate beans Freshcacao, cedar oil AYU, pate and Rieti Le Bon Gout, Manuka honey Wedderspoon Organic coconut oil Nutiva Organic cereals Mistral, flour garnets and Oil king, Frontier spices and Sonnentor

On the principles of food


My main principle — historicana. I don't like when things are mixed a lot of ingredients, and in many ways adhere to the principles of separation of power. Without fanaticism.

Wary of the animal products, so dairy products, for example, I bring my friends who opened up their farm. I know that they have no antibiotics, and the guys (vegans) have a good attitude to animals. So I'm sure I eat cheese from "happy" cows.

Fruit try to eat seasonally, although now all mixed up. But, nevertheless, in autumn, in my opinion, the season of pumpkins, tangerines, pineapple guava, pomegranates. Here and eat them.

Fruits and vegetables you buy at the Danilovsky market aunt Nina, it's been around for so long, I don't remember how much. There's also buy dried fruits and nuts from a friend of the Uzbek. Regular customers get special rates. I still buy a lot. So I love there.


On the water


Drink per day 1.5-2 liters of water, used to drink more. Order a water cooler BioVita and love the water Mg Mivela.


On the motion of


I don't do sports, but every day I make a minimum set of exercises:

  • the bar (stand 4 minutes),
  • a few short semiminute complexes
  • at least from yoga Surya-Namaskar.

A couple of times a week, go for 10 km once a week 1 swim 2 km.

I'm pretty sure the movement helps to cope with overeating. Before, when I wanted to have, I took the rope and jumping for 1-2 minutes, after that, the desire had gone.


About food family


This is the most difficult — you have to cook everything separately. The youngest child (a year and a half) sweet do not give at all. Older, unfortunately, the good people are already hooked on sugar, so with him we have a strict limit — 3 sweets a day (it can be gummy, drying, chewy candy).

Children mostly eat at the Soviet classic menu (meatball soup or chicken noodle, meatballs, buckwheat, macaroni and cheese, etc.).

Breakfast is prepared once a month 1 granola with dried fruit and nuts without added sugar, that 1-1.5 kg It is certainly not a cereal that kids love, but they are a useful alternative.

Husband eats everything, including McDonalds, so all my restrictions look rather as "turbulence".


About baking


Baking is my biggest pain. I love to bake pies, cookies, but now I do it very rarely, because along the way, always taste, and very hard to resist. But the New year is, of course, shall we make cookies, and maybe even a few things I eat.

Day 1

  • 10:10 cottage cheese (200 g) + 2 tbsp sour cream (30%) + tea with ginseng;
  • 13:20 halloumi salad (tomato, cucumber, iceberg leaves, bell pepper + ginger dressing) + grilled halloumi cheese 300 g + milk Oolong tea;
  • 16:30 1 small persimmon + herbal tea;
  • 19:30 mixed nuts (cashews, pine, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts) 50 g + Kombucha (250ml);
  • 21:00 omelet of 2 eggs with cheese + herbal tea.

Day 2

  • 10:10 grated carrot with pepper and orbicam from apricot seeds (150 g) tea with ginseng;
  • 14:10 cauliflower with cheese (250 g) + 1 tbsp sour cabbage + 1 tbsp. Korean carrot + milk Oolong tea;
  • 17:10 quinoa with oyster mushrooms and tomatoes (300 g) + fireweed;
  • 18:10 mangoes + 2 tsp flax Urbach + Kombucha (250 ml);
  • 20:10 grilled vegetables (300 g) + chamomile tea.

Day 3

Poluraspredelenia day. Day on whey. Every hour until the evening drink a glass of whey, herbal tea and matcha tea.

  • 20:00 buckwheat with roasted eggplant (350 g) + Kombucha;
  • 21:00 coconut pudding with Chia seeds + country raspberry (100 g).

Day 4

  • 10:15 two fried eggs + tea match;
  • 14:20 mixed salad (radicchio, corn, frieze) + avocado + tomato + cucumber + fried chicken + 1 tbsp pine oil (350 g);
  • 17:20 1 dried sour plum, 3 small Mandarin oranges, a handful of cashews + milk Oolong tea;
  • 18:20 7 PCs pakoras (gram flour with tomato and Chinese cabbage) + Kombucha 250 ml;
  • 20:20 fried chanterelles with red onion + mint tea (300 g).

Day 5

  • 10:15 cheesecakes (200 g) 2 tbsp 30% sour cream + matcha tea;
  • 14:20 salad with sauerkraut and beans (280 g) + fireweed;
  • 17:20 spicy rice in the pumpkin Butternut 300 g;
  • 19:20 of cod marinated 350g + Kombucha;
  • 21:20 3 flax bread with duck pate + mint tea.

Day 6

  • 10:16 2 boiled eggs with green peas + matcha tea;
  • 14:15 pumpkin soup;
  • 17:10 3 amaranth bread with brie, cucumber and dried tomatoes;
  • 19:10 wild rice with dried fruit in the pumpkin Butternut (300 g);
  • 21:20 feijoas 3 PCs + chamomile tea.

Day 7

  • 10:10 green smoothie (spinach + avocado + cucumber + persimmon + Kombucha) 350 ml;
  • 14:15 soup with chicken meatballs (400 ml);
  • 17:10 3 flax bread with orbicam of cocoa with hazelnuts;
  • 19:10 baked pumpkin with quinoa (300 gr);
  • 21:20 mint tea + 2 pieces of prunes + 2 PCs of dried apricots.published

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